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Avid Number Crunchers Will Love These Online Games

Our lives are becoming ever more dependent on data and numbers as so many aspects of society are decided by how certain digits stack up.

What this means is that more and more online gamers are avid students of maths and calculus.

Taking note of this trend are online gaming companies, who have been going out of their way to create fresh titles that can keep even the best mathematicians scratching their heads and feeling adequately challenged.

Crunchers Will Love These Online Games

All these games will have avid number crunchers licking their lips

Classic Games That Focus on Specific Maths Skills 

Some of the most fun games out there online also happen to be some of the oldest, with their dynamics and gameplay honed to perfection.

Many of these classic games also drill down into specific maths skills. For people who like puzzlers that get them adding numbers like crazy, Sudoku is a near-perfect gaming creation that works beautifully on mobile.

When it comes to players having to calculate probabilities, few titles excel quite like online blackjack does as the intricacies of the equations and sums involved during gameplay continue to be disputed by expert players to this day. The game also plays and looks great on mobile, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go.

Last but not least there is one of the oldest games of them all in the form of dominoes, which presents its players with a multitude of equations and problems to solve throughout the course of a game. New apps and websites keep popping up all the time in the hope of taking these spotted tiles to the next level.

Avid Number Crunchers

Many of these games are every bit as good on mobile as they are on desktop

Modern Classics Challenge Ancient Favourites

Bestowing a game with the moniker of being a “Modern Classic” is a big deal, but there have been plenty of online gaming creations that in recent years have staked a serious case for such acclaim.

One of these is Threes. This mobile-friendly game is all about players having to think in multiples of three, in what starts off as a seemingly simple game before descending into being one of the best brain trainers available in app stores today.

Another similarly genius game that started life as an open-source software project is 2048. Incredibly, Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli threw the game together over the course of just one weekend. The result has been one of the most played number games in existence today, as players from all over the world do everything in their power to try and create the magic 2048.

Finally, there is Picross Madness, which delves into the boggling world of nonograms. We do not have room in this article to go into the intricacies of this Adobe Air-based game but can say that it is worth checking out if you are a person obsessed by tricky number puzzlers.

Video Games with Well-Integrated Number Puzzles

All the games mentioned so far tend to have been ones that boast clean and simple interfaces, but that is not to say that more complex open world or RPG games cannot also interweave elements of number crunching into their environments.

Some excellent examples of this are Portal 2 and The Talos Principle which, rather than explicitly putting number puzzles at the forefront of their gameplay, infuse it instead with subtle uses of maths and logical thinking.

This also means that games like these bridge the gap between maths and physics. Prime examples of this can be seen in games such as Human Fall Flat and Bridge Constructor Portal.

Escape Room Games Packed with Number Puzzles

The final gaming sub-genre we want to cover is that of escape room games. These have exploded onto the scene in recent years and all of them incorporate some form of number-based problems that players must solve in order to escape.

Why not try out the wildly popular Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and see what we mean?

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