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Bangalorebased Upgrad 185m ‘from Bangalore-Based Investors

Bangalorebased Upgrad 185m  leading online learning platform, has recently announced it has secured an additional $185 million in investment from Bangalore-based investors. This is a significant move that not only gives Upgrad a powerful boost in their operations, but also reflects on India’s growing importance as a source of venture capital. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the investors involved in the deal, the impact this move will have on Upgrad’s growth, and how Bangalore-based investors are already making an impact in the global venture capital sector.

Overview of the Investment Deal:

Upgrad announced the Bangalorebased Upgrad 185m investment round from venture capital firms based in Bangalore, India. This round was led by Lightbox, the venture capital arm of a French media company. The venture capital fund plans to support Upgrad’s expansion initiatives, which primarily involve increasing its capabilities in India and its presence in international markets.

The $185 million investment round was also backed by Sequoia Capital and Atlas Venture. Sequoia Capital is an Indian venture capital firm, while Atlas Venture is a global venture capital firm. Furthermore, the investors involved also included Accion, an impact-investment firm based in the United States.

Benefits of this Round of Investment:

Upgrad’s recent investment underscores the trust that international venture capital firms have in the Bangalore-based online learning platform. This significant funding round will allow Upgrad to enhance its operations and strengthen its global presence.

Upgrad’s CEO and co-founder, Mayank Gupta, stated, “This investment is a huge milestone not just for Upgrad, but also for India’s tech community. It’s a testament to this country’s potential and a strong indication for what’s to come in the years ahead.”

In addition to the additional capital, this round of funding also gives Upgrad access to the expertise of leading venture capital firms in the region. This additional input is expected to help the online learning platform increase its reach and impact. This includes targeting new clients, introducing new products, and scaling operations.

Bangalore-Based Investors and the Global Venture Capital Market:

The Venture Capital and Private Equity firms involved in Bangalorebased Upgrad 185m investment round are primarily based in Bangalore, India. This shows the ventures sectors growing recognition of Bangalore-based investors, which is a trend that is expected to continue in the future.

These investors are not just limited to the nation’s domestic market, as they have become increasingly active in global industry, particularly the venture capital sector. These firms are now competing on an international level and have been instrumental in helping startups from the region gain access to funding from international venture capital firms.

Furthermore, there has been an uptick in Indian venture capital firms targeting US-based startups. These investors are looking to capitalize on the opportunities available in this current environment and offer companies in both regions the resources they need to succeed.


Bangalorebased Upgrad 185m investment round secured by Upgrad was a major milestone for the online learning platform and the venture capital sector in the region. This significant move is not just a testament to the progress Upgrad has made so far, but also reflects Bangalore’s growing importance as a source of venture capital.

This investment round, with its primarily Bangalore-based investors, highlights the venture capital sector’s recognition of the potential of India-based investors. This recognition is expected to fuel greater collaboration between investors from both regions, which could lead to a newfound level of innovation in the startup industry.

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