Barcodes vs QR Codes

Barcodes vs QR Codes: A Comparative Guide

Barcodes have been around for some time now, and most consumers can spot them out by their black and white striped lines. They are all around us – from grocery shopping to ballpark tickets, barcodes are everywhere.

However, there’s now a newer innovation developed in 1994 by a division of Toyota to improve the automotive manufacturing process. The technology is called a Quick Response code or QR code, as many people know it by.

Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn the difference between barcodes vs. QR codes and which is best for you.

What Is a Barcode

The standard barcode is a scannable visual representation of information. The barcode appears as variously sized black lines with spaces in between that also vary in size. They can be used for several different things such as:

  • Retail purchases
  • Tracking inventory
  • And accounting

The first barcode was first introduced in the 1970s for retail and commercial uses such as inventory. Now, barcodes are an essential part of the transaction process.

There are several benefits of barcodes to be aware of, including fewer mistakes, higher efficiency, and more cost-effectiveness. As you can see, barcodes are helpful in today’s fast-paced retail environment to allow for quicker transactions with fewer mistakes.

What Is a QR Code

QR codes, or “Quick Response” codes, are newer, more advanced versions of barcodes. They are generally assembled in a square, with a complex pixel design within it. QR codes are also capable of containing more information than standard barcodes.

Individuals and businesses are using QR codes for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the more popular uses:

  • Supply chain tracking
  • Promote businesses
  • Buying something
  • To provide more information

These types of barcodes are more advanced and can contain more information, giving them additional uses. Also, they can be scanned by most devices, such as

The benefits of QR codes include:

  • Read by mobile devices
  • Contain more information
  • Easy to share & save for later
  • Can be engaging
  • Cost-effective

You can use QR codes for just about anything you want to promote more information or get someone to read more about it. For example, you can direct people to your blog from a QR code if you own a website. They can access your website by simply using their phone to scan the code, and it will automatically take them there.

This can make these types of barcodes an effective way of promoting your business without having to break the bank.

Barcode vs. QR Codes: Which One Is Right for You

When it comes to barcodes vs. QR codes, it’s like asking which is better – a pager or a cell phone. QR codes are upgraded versions of barcodes that are capable of transmitting additional information. Additionally, QR codes are able to be scanned by any device with a camera, rather than just a scan gun.

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