Bathroom Vanities for Every Home!

You need to keep your stuff in every room of your house—and you need plenty of space to store it. Nowhere is this more important than the space in your bathroom.

Gone are the days where a dash to the outdoor bathroom was a hardship. For many, the bathroom is now a venue for indulgence and self-pampering. As a result, you may spend too much time there—not because you have to, but because you want to.

You need ample, convenient storage for intimate and personal items, preferably out of sight and away from prying eyes.—but you also need your storage space to work well within the room.

Wall-Mounted or Free-Standing?

If you have plenty of space, go ahead and mount a luxurious and large his & hers unit in your bathroom, complete with two sinks, two mirrors, and rows and rows of cupboards and drawers—if not, many options may be perfect for you.

The corners of a room may often be under-utilized, so a small corner unit may be ideal if you’re short of space. Normally, this kind of unit would have a small sink at the top, but storage-only units, without a sink, are also available.

Another space-saving tip is to mount the faucets directly onto the wall, rather than on the vanity itself. This saves you a good few inches (if you are struggling to squeeze it between the vanity and the bath).

Vintage or modern?

A free-standing or wall-mounted unit may be better for you if you want a more vintage look.

Before hot and cold indoor plumbing became widespread, small “basin stands” were common, because all that was required was a small stand on which to place a bowl of water. This was positioned at a convenient height for washing your hands or shaving.

Although a traditional washstand lacks countertop space and under-counter storage, it may make up for that in both its vintage appeal and small space requirements. (You can easily mount a mirror on the wall above this kind of small washstand that fits with this theme.)

Many suppliers of bathroom accessories offer European-style bathrooms or American-style bathroom ranges.

Natural or synthetic?

Wooden furniture may not be ideal for a bathroom: it may be spoiled by water or steam, especially in a small room—and even more so if the airflow through the room is limited.

However, if your bathroom is on the large side, wood can be used to great effect. Wood has been used for building, decorating, and accessorizing people’s homes since the early days of human civilization, and it never goes out of style.

The colors of natural materials can also be great for offsetting all the white typically found in a bathroom. Natural shades of brown or grey, especially in grainy wooden furniture, add interest and character to your space.

Modern alternatives to wood, such as bamboo, might also be a good compromise. Bamboo bathroom furniture can include a variety of cabinets, stands, and hampers. Bamboo is sturdy and durable, as well as sustainable.

Final thoughts

At Cabinet City, you can choose a single overarching theme for your home, incorporating both kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This is perfect for smaller houses, apartments, and open-plan spaces, where the décor in each room is visible from several other rooms.

If coordination between spaces isn’t your thing, feel free to decorate each room separately. Remember, whatever may or may not be trending in 2021, what’s important is that you choose the look and feel for your bathroom that makes you feel happy.


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