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Beat the Odds with These 3-Room HDB Interior Design Ideas

Starting an interior design project from scratch is surely a daunting task, especially when you have a 3-room HDB. Indeed, working with restricted space can make the challenge more difficult than ever. Still, pulling off a functional and elegant design is still mission possible. Of course, that would require lots of creative solutions and the help of a professional.

Perhaps, you’re considering hacking down walls and creating an open-space area. Either way, remember that there are plenty of space-saving options suitable for a 3-room HDB interior design. All you need is to think outside the box. In this regard, we’ve compiled a list of bright design ideas. Read on to learn more about how to beat the odds and create a charming and timeless 3-room HDB interior.

Make the Most out of Your Space

First and foremost, you’d want to make the most out of your space through careful planning. While it’s a good idea to pick the right colour scheme and furniture, you should arrange every element carefully. As you can imagine, nothing would work without you first removing the clutter.

One way to minimise the unwanted items is to bring in multifunctional and space-saving furniture. For example, sidewall tables or chairs with storage space will do the trick. Alternatively, you can tear down a wall to create an open-plan area. That way you’ll create a cosy dining corner close to the kitchen. Install a set of pendant lights or create a focal point with a suitable rug.

Install Functional Doors

In some cases, you can use wall separators and even curtains to segregate the different areas in your HDB interior design. However, one of the savviest tricks that will effectively increase your living space are bi-fold doors. While they provide broader traffic space, they minimise the space needed to open and close. Alternatively, you can go for sliding doors. Either way, you can experiment by installing glass doors to enhance your space visually.

Use Interior Windows

If you don’t feel like hacking down entire walls or installing glass doors, you can go for interior windows. What we mean by this is to give your 3-room HDB interior a different perspective using light and reflection. Typically, these two factors matter the most in tight spaces where illusion is the best way to make your home look larger.

Indeed, bringing in large mirrors here and there can do wonders. In addition, you can use semi-hacked walls with windows to separate your open-plan areas. Besides, you can always use the extra surface to arrange plants, photos or other decorations.

Add Some Pops of Colour

Undoubtedly, minimalist and Scandinavian BTO and HDB interior designs are quite trendy. While the neutral colour schemes are relatively easy to achieve, these styles offer simplistic comfort. Of course, the primary downside is that many may find them to be dull.

In such cases, what you can do is add some pops of colour here and there. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of the minimalist functionality while adding some modern elements. Whether it’s a floral kitchen countertop, colourful Herringbone tiles or cabinets, you’ll create an eye-catching look to break the ice.

Wooden Furniture

One thing that makes wood timeless is that it works well with almost any interior design. In some cases, focusing entirely on functionality doesn’t give the desired results unless you create an inviting atmosphere. Perhaps, the best way to do this is to rely on wooden furniture to give you the signature warmth and cosiness.

If you’re going for minimalist or Scandinavian interior design, you should choose some light wood items. Still, you can make a statement with some sleek and darkwood pieces. Alternatively, you can bet on veneered cabinets and doors.

Practical Electronics

Limited spaces always require creative solutions, which apply to every part of your interior, including the electronics. Typically, you’d want to have as less appliances as possible. Still, you shouldn’t sacrifice your comfort for a bit of space. In this regard, you should make sure your picks fit the overall interior style. Also, try to conceal them when and where possible not to overclutter your space.

All White Interior

Sometimes, the easiest way not to make with your interior is to choose an all-white style. While it may seem too obvious, such a colour scheme is the ultimate solution for small spaces. What’s more, it’s the best way to brighten things up in a dark and uninviting space. To avoid overdoing the looks, you can pair walls facing each other to create a streamlined open-plan concept.

Darker Colour Palette

If you’re bold enough, you can choose a darker colour palette. Of course, it’s harder to pull off but it will give your 3-room unit a sophisticated and elegant look. Typically, the way to achieve it is through heavy wood accents contrasting the subdued-white hues. Also, don’t forget the leather and industrial-style elements. You can transfer the concept to your kitchen and choose some black cabinets or onyx-black countertop.

Bet on Practical Solutions

Being practical with your choices doesn’t always mean to bet on the multifunctional pieces of furniture. If you want your 3-room BTO interior design to reflect your personality, try adding some vintage or industrial-chic items.

By this, we mean a creamy or dark-blue sofa, soft cushions or even an oriental-style rug. If you’re opting for an industrial interior design, you can expose the pipes and bulbs in your living room. Furthermore, you can combine the open-plan concept with a sliding door so you can cook at the comfort of your armchair.

Try Monochromatic Looks

Last but not least, remember that everything depends on your needs and preferences. If everything fails, you can try a monochromatic look. Perhaps, a contrasting palette of black and white will give your HDB interior design a simple yet interesting look. Ultimately, it will fit with the idea of keeping things simple and to the point. At the same time, it will give you the chance for different combinations in terms of furniture and decoration.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, coming up with a functional 3-room HDB flat is one of the biggest challenges for Singaporean designers. The lack of space where one can expand their ideas requires the help of professionals. While you can browse for HDB 3-room design ideas online, calling a company will ensure you get the job done properly. Ultimately, home design will reflect your individuality while keeping things as practical as possible.

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