Bed Buying Guide

Bed Buying Guide

Even though it sounds really simple and fun, buying a new bed can be very exhausting, especially when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

A lot of people focus only on their sense of sight when they go shopping for a new bed, but it’s a lot more than that.

The most important thing is to find a bed that will suit you and your needs. This means that, in combination with a good mattress, choosing the right bed is important both for your health and interior design.

So, whether you just want to refresh the look of your bedroom or you suffer from sleep deprivation and need something new to finally improve the quality of your sleep, buying a new bed is a good start.

Whatever your situation is, if you’ve decided to buy a new bed, we’ve listed everything you need to know to help you choose the right one.

In the end, it’s you that matters – take your time!

Bed frame

Your first step is to consider which type of bed frame fits best in your room space and can give you the support you need for years.

Saying goodbye to your current bed can be tough, but when the time comes, think about all the advantages you’re going to get with the new one.

It’s recommended to replace your bed frame approximately every 10 years.

Now, let’s see what types of beds are available for you to choose from. Before reading, think about your wishes and needs – what are the features your new bed has to have?

Ottoman beds

For anyone who wants (or needs) extra storage space, Ottoman beds are a popular choice.

They usually have a side or foot end opening system. It lifts the bed from the base and opens the space underneath the bed, in which you can easily put shoes, clothing or towels.

Divan beds

Another bed type with extra storage space is divan.

Typically, the under-bed storage is in the form of drawers on both sides of the bed base. These beds often come with wheels, which makes them very practical.

Adjustable beds

If the decision to buy a new bed is the result of your health needs, you should definitely consider adjustable beds.

Using zero-gravity technology, allowing you to relax and sleep all night long, adjustable beds are perfect for anyone who has mobility issues or suffers from joint pain.

Bed for your kids

There are many types of kids’ beds, but as kids are growing up so fast, it’s hard to pick the one they’ll love for many years.

For your little ones, consider buying a gorgeous toddler bed, space-saving desk bed or handy bunk bed.

These beds cover a wide age range, which means it doesn’t matter if your kid is one, five or eleven years old.

Bed for your guests

If you’re looking for a new bed on which your guests will sleep on, we recommend buying Crafted Beds’ folding bed, or even a day bed that has a seating option.

Another great option is an air bed. As it can be ready in a minute, it’s perfect if you’re used to unannounced family and other guests.

TV beds with built-in screens, sofa beds that suit any living space and wing beds that give you comfort and style are also popular bed types.

The one you’re going to choose depends on your needs, wishes and space you have.

The size

If you are looking for king size tv bed contact TV bed.

You’ll get to choose from a small single (75x190cm), single or twin (90x190cm), double (135x190cm), king (150x200cm), or super-king (180x200cm).

Material and colour

Finally, the fun part – colour and material.

An increasingly popular colour is pink. However, if you want a slightly more classic style, think about grey or white variations.

By far the most popular material is wood, but make sure you take a look at the metal beds or upholstered beds, maybe you’ll fall in love!

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