Carnivore Diet for Weight Loss

Benefits of a Carnivore Diet for Weight Loss

If you’re a meat lover, then the carnivore diet probably sounds like paradise to you. The all-meat diet focuses on protein intake with zero carbs. It is a rigid diet with quite a massive following across the globe.

When you think of an all meat, fish, and eggs diet, you might immediately think of weight gain. So, if you’re not an expert like Carnivore Insider, you’d be surprised to know that this diet aids in weight loss, all due to its nature of being no-carb.

The Basics of a Carnivore Diet

So, what is a carnivore diet? As the name suggests, it includes a lot of meat. Your diet would consist of chicken, beef, pork, turkey, rabbit, salmon, organ meats, bone marrow, prawns, and other seafood.

The diet also allows for oils, butter, cheese, and fat. Some strict carnivore dieters tend to avoid dairy products altogether because milk contains sugar in the form of lactose. And sugar is considered a catalyst for fat storage in the body.

There are a few things you should take care of, though. You’d have to avoid all plants. Nothing green and colorful is permitted in the diet: no vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals, or seeds. You could call it a non-vegetarian diet.

How the Carnivore Diet Encourages Weight Loss

The carnivore diet is an instant weight loss solution. The immediate halt in the intake of carbohydrates and sugary substances results in lesser body weight.

Decreases appetite

It’s simple science. Protein-rich foods tend to encourage a feeling of fullness. When you are full, you hold back on the evening and late-night snacking.

All the times you munched on nuts or junk food will disappear because you’d have no appetite to feed. Naturally, your calorie intake and weight will go down.

On the whole, you will consume fewer calories, therefore, causing you to lose weight at a rapid pace.

Increases Insulin Sensitivity

A high sugar or carb diet leads to insulin resistance.  The carbohydrates get converted into fat and stored in the cells of the body, therefore leading to weight gain.

A Carnivore Diet will increase insulin sensitivity and lead to lesser fat storage in the human body. A few of the diet’s followers have shown to experience a sudden loss in weight in as little as a week.

Increases Fat Usage

When your diet consists of almost zero carbohydrates, the body uses fat to work as energy to fuel the body. This leads to the burning of excess fat in the body.

This process is called ketosis and is a major part of the keto diet. The only difference is that the keto diet is a little bit more lenient and allows for a minimum intake of carbohydrates.

Certain dieters have shown signs of improvement in their mental health, especially those with depression. The carnivore diet is also said to have a healing effect on autoimmune diseases.

The risks of getting cardiovascular diseases are reduced significantly because of the lack of sugar and carb in your diet. Overall, experts like Carnivore Insider view the carnivore diet as a speedy solution for weight loss and remedy some serious heart conditions.

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