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Best Cleaning Business Software To Choose From

Whether you are starting a cleaning company or are looking to hire one, commercial cleaning software plays a huge role. Today, the construction of both residential and commercial buildings is increasing significantly which has lead to high demand for cleaning services. Besides, in this Covid-hit world, a sanitized and well-cleaned workplace is the way to go.

However, managing and ensuring that your commercial property is perfectly clean isn’t an easy task. From operating costs to meeting deadlines and having enough resources, there are tons of things to take care of. With the help of reliable maids software available in the market, you can effectively work out all these tasks without any hassle. But if only it could be that simple.

Once you look up the internet, you are going to find a lot of cleaning business software. But do you know which one of them is perfect for your business? Choosing among the options in front of you is hard, and we understand that. So, let us help you filter out your search and find what’s best for you.

Features of a Quality Cleaning Software

  • Easy to Use

The idea of cleaning business software is to make your job trouble-free. So, the software shouldn’t be complex to operate. You need a cleaning business interface that is straightforward and has everything necessary lined up for you in the front already.

Unlike, other business software, here all you need is to assign work, keep track of work, and maintain data. Therefore, a high-end expensive layout, designs, and features are pretty much useless for you. A cleaning software that has every action like online booking for commercial cleaning companies just a click away is your ideal pick.

  • Effective Scheduling

For a cleaning business time is everything, the more you can save, the better. If you have a handful of cleaning projects to get done, you have to schedule them. A good quality commercial cleaning software will allow you to precisely schedule your projects and assign the duties to your team of cleaners.

By efficiently scheduling, you get to avoid chaos in the workplace. After you start seeking help from cleaning software, you will realize how smoothly and stress-free the cleaning is taking place. Scheduling cleaning operations is equally crucial for both small and big-scale businesses.

  • Work Assigning and Management

A cleaning business software must have a specific feature for the team as well. It should be able to assign work and notify your cleaning crew about their work. It prevents confusion among the workers and helps them know where they have to show up for work and when.

Sometimes, verbal communication can lead to misinterpretation. It is better to have an employee app for commercial cleaning companies where you and the crew can check on the assigned work and location. It is one of the vital features of a good cleaning business software.

  • Administration Activities

Running a cleaning business is a lot more than just cleaning. It includes managing taxes, insurances, and several other paperwork formalities. And let’s just face it, paperwork is the most daunting task ever. With your cleaning business software, you can digitally maintain these official documents easily.

Plus, once you have these data on a cloud-based platform, you don’t have to worry about misplacing them too. You can access these files anywhere, anytime you want. With this software at your disposal, you can have everything you need in your pocket.

Top 5 Cleaning Business Software


Business Software

Brilion is a highly trustworthy and reliable cleaning software with wide-ranging features. It is known for the best customer service. It helps you shine and stand out from your competitors. About 60% of Americans prefer to book their services themselves through a mobile app or online booking. Brilion is the only one on this list with a customer app, thus ensuring complete customer convenience. It offers discounts, bookings, payments and a lot more. You can get a map view and live updates of the employees that will help you know their availability.

Brilion offers payroll, allows you to view invoices, make online payments or transactions, and reports as well. The best part is that you can carry your business 24/7 here. Brillion has one of the best online booking systems. Their employee app is equipped with several features such as clock in/out, checklists, images, and invoice generation.


Business Software

ZenMaid provides enough online content to its users. It offers a free version but with very few features. Its customer and technical support are exceptional. With ZenMaid, you will not have to spend long hours working in a day. The feature of daily reminders saves even more time. Other features of the software include schedule changes, the customer follows ups and responsive management. It is adequately priced too. ZenMaid is not particularly useful for big companies. Because it is cheap and affordable, small businesses prefer to go for it.

It is preferably not very user-friendly and is more inclined towards residential cleaning than commercial cleaning services. The software comes with glitches that can be frustrating sometimes. Even though it lacks several features to provide a better experience to its customers, it can still help strengthen your business’ image as a professional and organized company.


Business Software

Jobber is extremely popular among several cleaning companies and is even responsible for the growth of some of them. Jobber provides high-quality customer service in-person as well as online. It offers the facility of client login and provides quotations too. It has customized services as per the client’s industries, and as it is easy to use, it makes time management easy. With Jobber, it can be easy to manage all the clients and keeping up with their schedules. The problem people face with this software is that online booking here merely consists of a form.

Its employee app comes with a downloadable PDF rather than a checklist. It is better for field service. Jobber might not be an ideal option if you are in residential or commercial cleaning services. Companies like it because it makes tasks like quoting, booking, and scheduling a cakewalk.


Vonigo is a field service software that is incredibly robust and fits the customers’ needs. It is great software and has a very responsive and amazing customer support team. It responds to your queries quickly and patiently. What people find slightly frustrating is that it is not very easy to use. It has varied features and is set in a different layout. Its employee app is capable of generating an invoice. As Jobber retains information about all the clients, it makes it easy for you to search for the required piece of information. It allows invoicing and estimation of follow-ups either by texts or emails.

The system has some great abilities like enhancing the business services with its efficient tools. To operate efficiently using Vonigo, you will have to make some changes. If you do not like change, the software might not be for you. The employee app of Vonigo doesn’t come with customer login, discount codes and has no checklist.

Launch 27

Launch 27 is built specifically for some particular industries. That is why it comes with some built-in features in respect to those industries. The most attractive quality of the software is that you can sell gift cards for any business. It offers the facilities of CRM, booking, scheduling, etc., all in one platform. Launch 27 saves a lot of time for the companies bringing efficiency to their business. It has a decent payment system and will notify you in case there is a problem with its payment method. It allows you to make only a single booking at a time.

Most companies have experienced an overall improvement in their day-to-day working with Launch 27. It is easy to use and offers a good number of features. You will not be able to find crew by the distance from the job that might lead to some inconvenience. The software is constantly evolving and updating by adding new features.


You must go through all the top cleaning software, analyze their pros and cons and then invest in the one you think would be the best for your business. That will ensure long-term efficiency and make work management easy for you. These were the top five commercial cleaning software that can be of great help to your business. Find out which one is the best for you.


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