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Best features of engineered stone for your home

Engineered stone is probably one of the best surfaces you can use for your home. From flooring to carbonate surface and more, engineered stores have become the go-to option for homemakers in recent times. If you are also someone who is planning to redo their home with brand new surfaces and modern flooring, we recommend you try engineered stones.

Why? There are plenty of reasons attached to it. Now, it is in no way that natural stones do not have the kind of grace and elegance that engineered stones can provide. But, there are Venetian aspects where engineered stones surpass natural stones and marbles. So, let’s begin by understanding the top weak points of natural stone.

Unlike engineered stone, natural stones, as the name suggests, these occur naturally in nature through a natural process. Extractors mine these out of the ground and use them as-is, shape them, and provide them the required finishing touch. They are elegant and widely used in several homes. But, the issues arise with its properties. Being a naturally occurring stone, these are porous, meaning they are permeable to water or various other fluids. So, it doesn’t matter where you lay them out, you need to keep them sealed. The sealing process of these rocks is not a single time deal but a continuous process.

  • Features of engineered stone

Engineered stones go through a tedious process of mixing and pressurizing until they are made to look at how they are. They are an amalgamation of varied natural and artificial stones that come together to give it enhanced properties and durability. In the making of engineered stone, 90% of natural stone is used and only about 10% of other kinds of stones.

A good example of engineered stone is Quartz that is used as countertops in varied homes. The best properties of stones like quartz are their availability in vast patterns, design, and colors. Yes, since they are engineered, they are molded into numerous patterns during the finishing process and are given a varied kind of color to match with the customer demands. In other words, you will not have a shortage of patterns to choose from when shopping for engineered stones.

It is also necessary to consider that during the engineering process, more specifically, where the mixture of 90% natural 10% other stones are pressurized, the engineered rock loses its porous nature and becomes nonporous meaning, not affected by water. Thus, an enhanced life overall.

As a consumer, we are always looking to get our hands on something that is not simply elegant or classy but also durable and with a long life. We want to deplete the maintenance cost of anything we buy. Because that is something that can truly be a long term expense that not many of us will be willing to pay. So, when it comes to surfaces and flooring, things are not very different. As opposed to natural, engineered stone is not only elegant and much better looking but also is very durable and requires no maintenance whatsoever. Unlike the sealing process that has to happen with natural stones now and then, engineered stones are opposite, since they are nonporous, you don’t have to seal them now and then.


1.Where to buy engineered stones from?

Numerous websites provide a host of engineered stone options to choose from for their customers. Both online and offline, no one name can be taken that will guarantee you a genuine engineered stone. Rather, look at what store is closest to you or if you at online visit sites that deliver to your location. Check their customer service and make the process to learn what they are doing authentic and nothing less. Be smart when shopping for stones for your home. It doesn’t matter where you shop from until the shop is authorized.

2.Is engineers stone costly?

In a way, they are costly. But wait, you should consider them a long time investment and not one time. There are many benefits to the engineered stone that you can enjoy in the long run. So, yes, even though they may seem a little higher in price, don’t worry, the benefits you reap from it would be long-lasting.

So, this is it, all the features that make the engineered stone the best in the business. If you still have got some questions you would like to get answered, shoot it up in the comment section. All the best!

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