Legends Counters for Kalista

Best League Of Legends Counters for Kalista

Since you are reading this, it is safe to assume that you are looking for counters for Kalista.

Kalista is an ADC champion from the game League of Legends. Her main weapon is her spears using which she can rip her enemies to inflict more physical damage. In this brief guide, we will tell you how to effectively counter Kalista.

Best Counters for Kalista

There are quite a few counters you can use on Kalista:

  • Ashe
  • Graves
  • Vayne
  • Caitlyn
  • Quinn
  • Master Yi

Kalista Counter Picks

Now that you already know who all can counter Kalista, it should be easier for you to counter pick Kalista in any match. In this section, we will tell how to use some of these LOL champions to effectively counter Kalista. This will help you to defeat her easily in a lane.

  1. Ashe

Ashe has a powerful Frost shot with her that can prevent Kalista from kiting her Martial Poise. However, you should not use your enchanted crystal arrow. Make sure you use Ashe’s Ultimate Skill smartly when your support prevents Kalista from saving herself with her Martial Poise. It is better to wait for moves such as Leona’s Shield of Daybreak, Thresh’s Sentence, and Lulu’s Whimsy.

  1. Vayne

Vayne’s Condemn can be very effective against Kalista. She struggles a lot when hit with hard cc. This can serve as a great escape tool for you. Also, you should never trade with Kalista. Instead, you should play safe and acquire all the farm you can.

  1. Draven

This guy is powerful enough to hurt everyone. He possesses a wide skill shot which is hard to dodge. He also has an AD steroid that makes his auto attacks extremely powerful. The best thing about auto attacks is that you cannot dodge them. Unlike others, he will not lose trade to Kalista. Not just that, but he will not lose mid-late game duels as well.

  1. Talon

He can jump on her to kill her. He doesn’t have any dodgeable skill shots. Instead, he has a rake which is fast and wide. He can neutralize her. Even if he fails to make it out alive after killing her, he is fine because his team still has their ADC.

  1. Caitlyn

You can use your auto attacks to poke her. Along with that, you can also set traps so that she is unable to activate her passive.

  1. Graves

Graves could be a great counter for Kalista and can also cause great damages. The amount of damage can be increased, if your support uses CC when she is inside of Graves’ W. You should know that Kalista suffers greatly against slow movement speed and CC.

Top Counter Tips ForKalista

Here are some great counter tips for Kalista to use. Following these tips could give you great results.

  1. Kalista could get locked in her auto attack animation. She cannot cancel the animation, once she wants to do it. This means it will initiate a trade when she is in mid-auto on a minion. This could give you good results.
  2. Kalista’s jump pathing is very obvious. You can make use of your skillshots to punish her with them. However, you should not use them always because it is easy for her to dodge them.
  3. Having reliable click CC and point can be a great way to handle Kalista. When she is unable to activate her passive, she faces a hard time dealing with the LOL champions.

With these effective counters, you can now deal with Kalista and defeat her. If you are new to the game, then you need to practice it more.

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