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Best Occasions To Give Flowers

Flowers have the power to make anyone feel good. No matter the occasion, you can always convey your feelings or wishes through flowers. Be it a celebration, a moment of loss or a time of illness, flowers can help you send a beautiful message to the recipient.


This is why flowers are often considered the best gifts on any given day. If you’re fond of gifting flowers or wish to learn more about flower-gifting tradition, here’s a list of occasions to take note of.


Matters of the heart

Nothing expresses your love and emotions like flowers do. So when it comes to matters of your heart, resort to flowers. And, it’s not just about the universal day of love, when everyone profess their love to a special someone with red roses. For all the in-between occasions when you just want to say “miss you” to a long-distance partner, or a simple “I love you”, flowers can do the trick.


Be it a first date, a final goodbye, or a move-on gift, flowers let you express your feelings effortlessly. Need to say sorry to your significant other? Trust flowers to do the job better than your words.


Acknowledging the precious relations

Our family and friends make our world a warm place with their love, affection, and support. Flowers capture the beauty and tenderness of human relationships and therefore, are widely used as a symbol of love, friendship and camaraderie.


Therefore, flowers have a unique place when it comes to commemorating a relationship. Wish to make your mom smile? Do it with a bunch of carnations on Mother’s Day. Add a bunch of gerberas to your Father’s Day gift to make it extra special. Pink roses and blue asters are great gifts for siblings.  


Important life events

Trying to find appropriate gifts on special life occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, wedding, parenthood, etc., can be daunting. But, flowers can save the day for you. Whichever life event you would like to congratulate a loved one on, flowers can carry your message with perfection. Consider sunflowers and lilies for a birthday, asters and daisies for graduation, hydrangea and peonies for weddings, Peruvian lilies for career progression, and so on.


Remembering a departed soul

On occasions like death, when words fail, flowers can help convey your condolences to someone who has lost a near one or act as a token of remembrance of the departed soul. Send white lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, etc., for emotional support to the grieving family or the funeral house, whichever may be appropriate.


For holidays and special days

Holidays like Christmas and Easter are joyous occasions that warrant exchange of gifts. Again, flowers make a formidable gift option that can spread holiday cheer like no other. Wreaths, sprays, or colourful arrangements during Christmas and spring blooms such as daffodils, tulips, azaleas during Easter make excellent gift options. 


Now that you have an idea of when and how to gift flowers, make the most of it by ordering fresh flowers and gorgeous bouquets from top florists in Canberra for any occasion you have in mind. 

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