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Copyright protection, content integrity, and limiting access are the major reasons why people decide to lock their PDF files. This act is due to the common motive of unauthorized people to reproduce the valuable works and information created by the original owners of such documents. Moreover, this may lead to people practicing plagiarism and content theft that may potentially affect the work of both the original and especially the latter authors. One cannot simply exercise being lax about their content of work especially when it is published online as PDF files that is why most people choose to lock it especially when they are copyrighted.

While there are a lot of more secured PDFs, there are also many free and open documents created by generous authors for people to benefit from. They use these free PDFs to edit, print, and make use of as a source for their content. These are all legal acts of people unless they choose to bypass copyrighted works so they have all the luxury to find whatever materials on the web to make use of. However, even though these are non-copyrighted works, they may also be locked because of limiting the number of users accessing a particular PDF. This article will introduce how to remove passwords from PDF.

Two Types of PDF Passwords

In integrating security on PDFs, people utilize the use of providing passwords to mainly limit the access to the document from unwanted users, and/or restricting features such as reproducing or editing the original content. There are two types of passwords to note when dealing with PDFs or documents which are mainly the open password and permission password. Both are closely associated with each other with an easy to distinguish difference whereas the open password is the password that is required for the user to type in order for them to only open and view it. On the other hand, permission passwords deal with requiring a password to change the permission settings to restrict the mentioned features such as printing, editing, and reproducing the content in the PDF.

How to Unlock PDF Password

PDF Password Remover by aJoysoft is a smart PDF unlocker system that is designed to unlock PDF by effortlessly removing the passwords provided by the author of the files. This application offers the simplest and undemanding features that guarantee the user a key to unlock password-encrypted PDF. It also supports both open type and permission type passwords. This application fully supports batch processing for faster and more decryptions at a time. What is even greater is that it is capable of removing PDF security from over 200 files in one operation, which can already be a lot for that rate.

aJoysoft implemented this PDF Password Remover with the most effortless 3-step instructions to get the job done in a jiffy whether it is an Open Protected PDF or Permission Password Protected PDF:

Step 1. Click the “Add Files” icon and select the PDF files you want to unlock or simply drag and drop. Note that this supports batch processing so you can select multiple files at a time.

Step 2. The software automatically shows if you have added an open password PDF or a permission password PDF. To remove the password on open passwords, just click on the yellow lock icon directly at the right side of your added open password PDF and enter your password. To remove the password on the permission password PDF, just simply click the “Remove Password” icon located at the bottom right.

Step 3. Lastly, select the folder designation for your unlocked PDF files.

Relentlessly maximize your efficiency while maintaining quality in accessing password-protected PDF with aJoysoft’s PDF Password Remover. While this intuitive system offers you all the convenience you need, it is also important to note situations where this is applicable and necessary to use such as the reasons why people decide to encrypt their PDF in the first place. Regardless, with the advancement of most work being shifted to the digital environment, PDF file exchanges and transactions have become common and have been practiced by every worker in almost every corner of the work industry.

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