Best textsheet alternative for preparing exam

Best textsheet alternative for preparing exam

Text sheet is an extremely helpful website for students. It helps them with their assignments, quizzes, etc., free of cost!

The website is beneficial for students as it helps them save time and helps them get good grades.

However, there are various alternatives to textsheet that can be used by students to prepare for their exams. Using these websites, students can choose textbooks for GRE exam preparation.

Read these articles to find out about these websites.


Slader is an excellent website for students and has been gaining popularity lately. It provides students with answers for the assignments and other school work. This website is either free or charges a minimal amount of money.

Slader helps students by providing them with step-to-step solutions for their questions. The answers they provide you with are all solved by experts in their field. It is a very user-friendly website making it easier for students. Also, its application is available for both IOS and android users.

Course Hero:

Course Hero is the second website on our list today. It provides students with 40 million different study materials.

Course Hero has answers submitted by educators and students who are experts in their field. In order to use Course Hero for free, you can share your notes or solve questions for the website, or you will have to pay to access the solutions.

The website is straightforward to use for both students and contributors. Also, it allows you to example papers, which students find greatly helpful. They also provide explanations for every step done to complete the question.


Chegg is very popular among students. Chegg allows students to send in their questions that experts can solve. Also, they enable students to ask questions from the experts through live chat.

The best thing about Chegg is that it provides students with online and private tutors if they want. It also allows students to rent books at reasonable prices, which means students do not have to spend a lot of money buying them.

Chegg also lets you create and save flashcards and provides scholarships to students for tutoring.


Sparknotes provides students with study guides that help them complete their assignments, help them understand different books, and also guides them to prepare for their exams.

Sparknotes can be used by both android and IOS users. It has an easy-to-use interface, making it easier for students to search for what they want.

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