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Best Tools to Create Animated Videos for Business Ads

Including animation in a business ad is a great way to get more attention from viewers. Animation is memorable and eye-catching, but it can be difficult to create. Even a short clip has many elements, including frame rate, style consistency, timing, music and more. This is all much too complex and time-consuming for most businesses to make on their own, but thankfully, there are many tools that can make creating animated videos a cinch.

First of all, one should consider where the ad will air. The medium itself is a tool. Ads that air on television usually must adhere to certain restrictions on length and content. Internet ads are more flexible. They can be shorter or longer and the animation can be simple or strange. Using an unusual animation style may help an internet ad go viral, whereas a TV ad might just be considered annoying for doing the same thing.

Next it’s important to decide what kind of animation to use. There are three main types and they all are created in different ways. The old-fashioned way to create animated videos involves artists drawing the characters and backgrounds by hand. This is very time-consuming, as is stop-motion animation, which uses small, posed figures. Today the most popular cartoon type is computer generated, with a realistic 3D look. It can be faster and cheaper than the other varieties.

Now the question is, who is going to actually animate this business ad? Animated video production will transform the idea into reality. Find an animation studio or team currently offering animation and editing services like Video Production Services in Brisbane. It’s important to look at all your options, as some teams have way more features than others. For example, Vmation can create the three most popular types of animation: flat and 2D, modern and 3D, and stop-motion.

As you can see, the process of creating animated videos takes much time and many tools. Businesses will need to work closely with an animation team before seeing results. There will likely be a producer, a storyboarder, a character designer, as well as a number of people working on the animation itself.

After the main animation is done, there are many options for distributing it. It is probably a good idea to make several versions of the animation for different types of ads. For instance, a shortened version, either a video with sound or a silent GIF, may do better on social media.

There are many tools that make editing and creating an animated ad easy. GIFs are a great way to share information on the web. They are popular because they are silent and thus considered less intrusive. They often go viral, so converting an animation to GIF format is common sense. How? It’s easy. Simply do an internet search for “convert video to GIF” and dozens of websites will appear. All can convert a video to GIF format at no cost. The process usually takes less than a minute.

The next thing a business might want to do is create international versions of the advertisement. This can be done in two ways. The first way is to add text in the desired language for potential customers to read. The second is to hire a voice actor to read aloud. In both cases, its a good idea to hire a skilled translator. While some might be tempted to use the robot translators available on the internet, this would likely create an ad filled with grammatical errors. So, it’s important hire an expert.

As you can see, creating an animated business ad is quite complex, but it is still worth doing.

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