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Best VOIP for small business owners

When you do a business, you need to make sure that you get the best service while managing costs so you can provide your services to the customers in the best possible way. If you won’t be able to manage the internal affairs of your business, you might face loss. To improve your profit margins and continue to invest in your business, you should Hire VOIP services that allow you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

There are many expenses that can add up for your business and one that can surely make a difference is communication costs. You could be spending a lot of money on internet service, phone service, and professional mailing service. To cut back on communication costs, there is a way out that will not compromise the service quality.

VOIP stands for Voice over internet protocol and it offers a crystal clear calling service for both businesses and residential users. This service is mostly used by business customers. It manages business audio and video calls because you have an internet connection and a digital connection, that will transmit data at faster speeds. One of the main benefits is that it is cost-effective and then there are many other benefits which you get with this service and if you have a small business, you should surely consider the VOIP service.

When you do a small business, you always try to find out ways to save money so you can grow and can invest more in your business. With the VOIP service, you can keep your business connected with a phone line and the customers who are reaching out to you regarding your business won’t feel any difference in terms of voice quality.

When it comes to running your business, you need to make sure that you are always available for your clients and customers and you always offer them top-notch service only then your company will stand out. To make this possible while keeping costs low, an excellent VOIP service will help you out in developing a reputation for reliability and the best service. You can take the VOIP service like FaceTime or Skype but it works more as a professional service.

There are many VOIP service providers who will give you not just toll-free numbers but you will be getting features like virtual assistant, automatic call recording, etc. These features will make your business seem more professional to your clients and customers.

A good internet connection is a must which you can get through any internet service provider. Internet service providers like Charter offer amazing internet plans for both residential and business customers. You can reach out to Charter customer service and can find out multiple internet plans options, out of which you can pick one that suits your needs and budget.

How to get the best VOIP for small businesses?

There are many VOIP service providers in America who are providing VOIP service so you can get confused. If you want the basic features in a plan then any VOIP service provider can work but if you want extra features to handle multiple clients and some basic collaborative features for remote workers, you need to make sure that you get services through a VOIP service provider that offers you everything at cheap cost. Don’t get the features that you don’t need and avoid overpaying. Upgrade your service as you develop.

We have done our work and as per our research, the best VOIP service provider through which you can get good services with multiple features is intermediate unite.

  • Intermediate unite

If you have a small business with a vision of going big, Intermediate unite is the service you should get. Even if you get a basic plan with intermediate unite, you will be getting extensive options including unlimited texting and unlimited calls within America, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

For $27.99 per month, you will be getting video calling for a team of up to 4 people that needs to check in regularly. The calling features are great with all the plans but the best part is that you will also be getting cloud storage for file sharing. If you have a big team and want more features and cloud data, you can upgrade to the premium plan and can get video calling for up to 30 people and storage of 100Gb for backups. You can get Unite pro for $32.99 per month.

To make this service work with everything, there are different integration tools; GSuite, Slack, Office365, Zoho, and more. If you are getting a premium plan, that will also include Salesforce support so if you are using CRM software and you don’t want to switch because that feels familiar, don’t worry.

The following are the other VOIP service providers, which are good and you can get services through these providers as well.

  • Ring Central (Best Virtual Office Set-Up)
  • 8×8 (Best VoIP For International Businesses)
  • Vonage business (Easiest To Use VoIP)

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