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Undoubtedly, winter wouldn’t complete without enjoying the firewood warmth. However, it’s important to have a quality fire burning for long and effectively. I don’t know how many of you are aware of “a good fire requires effective storage”. I got the bulk firewood from NSW, Australia, and followed the prominent steps to store the wood. Guess what? I relished the experience. Let’s know the steps to master in producing excellent burnable firewood.

Before Starting Learn Why is there a Need for Firewood Storage?

Adequate storage of firewood not only increases the firewood lifespan but also ensures our safety. Generally, fresh firewood contains 40 to 45 percent of water content. Burning wet wood can lead to creosote that starts building up in the chimney.

What is Creosote? It’s a natural by-product that formed due to burning wood or fossil fuels. It’s a major reason for chimney fires. However, seasoned wood is important to stay safe. So, store the firewood in a correct manner to reduce the moisture. Hence, have more useful firewood in cold temperatures.

➤Find the Right Location Away From Your Home

The first utmost step is to locate the place for storage away from the house. Now it doesn’t mean to keep your firewood in the backyard and waiting for it to dry. Undoubtedly, storing firewood outside rather than inside is considered a good practice. The reason is that firewood will explore proper airflow.

There is no exact measure to store the firewood away from home. Well, with my experience, I recommend a minimum of 5 feet away from home. A big no to store inside the home as you’re welcoming pests to reside.

A firewood rack can be a good solution. The primary purpose of a rack is not only safety but good air circulation. Another way to store firewood is the seasoning shed. I have been using it for a long time, and it serves great for drying. The polyethylene cover of a seasoning shed retains heat and prevents moisture. Now you can buy bulk Splitz Firewood & Mulch without doubting storage if stopping you from purchasing.

➤Stack Your Firewood

Stacking your firewood is not less than creating an artful work. I always feel delighted after putting all the messy things neat & in sync. I know it requires determination and high efforts to clean the mess. Jokes apart, this is a prominent step to have a smooth drying process of firewood. To make them completely seasoned, stacking is essential as it evaporates the moisture.

➤Protect Firewood Against the Elements

To avail the benefit of quality burning, indeed extra protection makes sense. If firewood has constant experience of rain or snow, then they become unsuitable for burning. Follow these few options for yielding protection:

Firewood Rack: The half covered firewood rack leaves a partial amount of firewood exposed. The good part- allowing for air circulation and declining moisture content. Better to recheck the top is properly covered to prevent water from seeping into the firewood.

Seasoning Shed: In case your area is more prone to rain and snow. A seasoning shed is a favourable choice as it possesses water-proof covers. Perhaps, keep the firewood sung. Moreover, the flooring fights against moisture building from the ground. Therefore, please don’t close the vents as they restrict air circulation.

For a more organized seasoning shed, put pallets inside. In winters, it’s easy to get in the shed and grab firewood easily with a neat stack.

➤Keep a Small Firewood Storage Pile Inside for Fast Accessibility

As the firewood gets dry, you now require them. To have a quick accessibility keep the firewood (the dry ones) near your home and quickly use them. However, don’t store the dry firewood for so long, it’s better to use them on time.

These are some crucial methods to store firewood. I hope you find it useful. Find a great vendor near you for supplying bulk firewood for sale. As of now, you’re well aware of how to secure.

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