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Buying Spree with Bitcoin: What steps to follow?


In the last 10 years, bitcoin and its popularity have grown exponentially. At present, several stores accept bitcoin in exchange for services.

This payment can be done offline in person and also, online.

Despite having higher fees than other Cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is still the preferred option due to its higher security. For a large part of the time, many intellectuals placed their bet on bitcoin to become the best option for many authorised payment options.

The only problem is the limit of transactions. Bitcoin handles 7 transactions per second only. More information regarding the same can be found on the Official Website.

Places and services accepting Bitcoin

  1. Online stores
  • Overstock: Significant online retailer
  • Home Depot: one of the biggest of all home service improvement  in the USA
  • Newegg: a retail giant in electronics appliances
  • Shopify: a platform to create online stores
  • Microsoft: One of biggest worldwide companies

Major online retailers are yet to accept bitcoin. But there’s a way out. One can buy gift cards accepted there, with the help of bitcoin. This way is the most used while doing online purchases.

  1. Service providers

There’s no sector yet that is fully devoted to bitcoin as a payment option. It varies from company to company. Some of the service providers that accept are:

  • AT&T: cellular service
  • Twitch: live stream
  • Dish Network: American Satellite service
  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • ProtonMail: encrypted email service
  • Vultr: Web Host
  • WordPress: website creator and blog maker
  • Reddit: premium features can be bought
  • Namecheap: Domain provider
  • Bloomberg: news service
  1. Video Games

In earlier times, one had to visit offline stores to buy games. But nowadays all this is done online. Video games are slowly getting wholly into the digital world. Leading game sellers are already accepting Bitcoin.

  • Xbox: pay for add-ons and subscriptions
  • Humble Bundle: Spends a fraction of earnings to charities
  • Big Fish Games: Casual game company based in Washington.
  1. Travel Companies

There are hundreds of agencies that arrange for facilities during travel and vacation. Most of them have the same toolkits on offer. Introducing a different way of payment system can duly attract new customers. 

A few of such services one can opt for are:

  • Expedia: Amongst the largest travel agencies in the world, it accepts bitcoin for all of its services. This includes hotel bookings, flight bookings etc.
  • AirBaltic: Foremost of the world’s Airline services that take Bitcoin as payment
  • Virgin Galactic: First business space line in the world
  1. Charitable trusts

Charity donations often incur high fees. Also, many people fund these charities open-heartedly but desire to keep themselves incognito. Bitcoin helps in this case.

  • Wikimedia Foundation: dedicated to providing free Multilingual educational content.
  • Wikileaks: dedicated to providing leaked news, that might not be covered publicly, that is collected from unknown and hidden resources
  • The Giving Block: Enables the processing of bitcoin donations.
  1. Food and megamarkets
  • Subway: best known for sandwiches
  • Burger King: best place for best quality burgers
  • Whole Food: Supermarket for groceries.
  1. Public transport:

There are multiple taxi services and pool car services that accept bitcoin as a payment method.

  1. Maverick tickets:

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, has initiated ticket payments in bitcoin. He used to be critical of bitcoin earlier.

Apart from these, one can also buy: 


Several Car dealerships accept bitcoin in exchange for cars and even car stocks. One can get a vast diversity of cars using cryptocurrency. This includes off-road UTVs, Motorhomes, classic cars, luxury cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche etc.

The only limitation is that yet no dealership sells a perfectly new car for bitcoin. The aforementioned dealerships sell second-hand cars.

Private Jet

If the car is cheap, and there’s no worry about carbon footprint, the skies could be the perfect fit, sitting in a private jet.

Several firms that sell aircraft have recently introduced bitcoin in their list of Payment gateways.


Though not accepted, bitcoin is gradually becoming a popular choice in official businesses and service providers. Its merits and demerits will always be a matter to debate on. But for the time being, bitcoin can be the handiest of all types of currency.



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