Can a Chiropractor Treat Your Neck Pain?

If you’ve been suffering from chronic neck pain, then you may have thought about seeing a chiropractor. Many people are unfortunately skeptical of chiropractors and don’t fully understand what they do or how they can help.

If you visit a qualified chiropractor, they will be able to reduce your neck pain while enhancing your range of motion in your neck. They will also be able to help you improve your balance and posture.

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Are you interested in learning more? If you are, then keep on reading and we will walk you through how a chiropractor can help you with your neck pain and other ailments as well.

What Are the Main Causes of Neck Pain?

There are a lot of different causes for neck pain. And many people will experience neck pain in some form or another.

Depending on what the cause is, the pain might be felt around the whole neck. You also might feel it on just one side. It could feel like a sharp pain or a dull ache.

The pain might sometimes come about following a sports injury or an accident. It might also come on slowly, possibly due to one’s continued poor posture or from ongoing tension. It might also be because you need to be in an awkward position for your job or hobby.

Over the years, wear and tear can also lead to neck pain. Sometimes, the nerves in a person’s neck can get aggravated or trapped. This leads to pain spreading to the shoulder or the arm.

The pain can even make its way to the base of the skull.

Symptoms might accompany the pain. These symptoms can include weakness and numbness in the fingers, arms, and hands. You also might experience the feeling of pins and needs.

Can a Chiropractor Treat Your Neck Pain?

You don’t always need treatment for neck pain. However, if the pain does not go away on its own within a short amount of time, the symptoms have become distracting, or the pain goes away for a bit and then comes back, then it might be time to consider chiropractic treatment for neck pain.

Chiropractors specialize in the management, diagnosis, and assessment of conditions of the spine. They are highly trained in identifying the root cause of things like neck pain.

When you visit a chiropractor for headaches or neck pain, you will see that they use a variety of treatment techniques. Your treatment will only start after a full assessment has been performed by the chiropractor.

Their expertise, experience, and knowledge, combined with the effort they put in to fully understanding the root cause of your pain, will help them figure out what is going to be included in your treatment plan.

How a Chiropractor Treats Neck Pain

Chiropractors usually treat neck pain with neck manipulations. These are also known as adjustments.

In some instances, these neck adjustments, in conjunction with exercises, might work better for neck pain than pain medications. You might want to try a chiropractor if you’ve had neck pain for a long time that’s not due to an injury.

Other Ailments That Chiropractors Treat

When you visit a chiropractor, you should know that they can treat a lot more than just neck pain. Let’s look at some other common ailments that chiropractors are trained in treating.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments that people who seek the treatment of chiropractors experience. Research on spinal adjustments is usually focused on the pain in the lower back area.

Some people who have lower back pain will benefit from going to a chiropractor.

Tension Headaches

Chiropractic adjustments for the neck might help if you suffer from tension headaches. These are a common kind of headache that leads to pain in the back of the neck and head.

Bad posture and stress can lead to tension headaches. A chiropractor may adjust your neck and give you some stretching exercising to do on your own.

Your chiropractor may also suggest healthy ways that you can reduce stress and relieve your headaches. This includes working on your body mechanics and following proper posture.

Migraine Headaches

It is possible to reduce the frequency of migraines by utilizing chiropractic spinal adjustments. It is also possible to reduce the need for migraine medication and decrease the amount of pain.

This is because treatment from a chiropractor can reduce overall stress. When you reduce stress, you lower your cortisol levels, which is related to inflammation.

Triggers for migraine headaches might also include certain foods. Your chiropractor might also give you advice on how to change your diet and what nutrients you should be consuming.

Knee Pain

A lot of wear and tear on the knee joint can lead to knee osteoarthritis. This is a common ailment that can be treated with chiropractic care.

A chiropractor can do knee manipulations along with back manipulations. This can be effective than just focusing on the knees.

The Importance of Knowing If a Chiropractor Can Treat Neck Pain

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea if a chiropractor can treat neck pain. As we can see, visiting a chiropractor can be an effective form of treatment. Of course, chiropractors can also help with much more than neck pain.

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