Can You Sue And File A Claim Without A Police Report?

Can You Sue And File A Claim Without A Police Report?

Assuming you’re in a car park and somebody makes a sharp turn, making your rear bumper and rear lights battered. Then you contact cops; however, they refuse to come because the collision is minor and there are no casualties.

Consequently, you’re stuck with a vehicle accident in a parking area. At the same time, there’s no report from the police, and your automobile needs repair. What are your options now? Is it possible to claim for a vehicle accident without a report from the police?

In a nutshell: Yes, it’s possible. With the help of a qualified attorney, you can make new Mexico accident reports by collecting the evidence required to solidify your case. Other than that, you can get compensation regardless of how minor the accident is, including parking lot collisions, without any police record.

How To Make A Claim With No Police Report

The legal procedure of initiating an automobile accident case is not hampered by the absence of a record from the police. With a police record’s merit, you can accelerate the process, but it isn’t necessary, aside from strengthening your case by legitimizing it.

Accidents are usually described objectively in police records. The police often add a statement to it expressing their thoughts and findings.  Further, the lead investigator gathers testimony from witnesses and compiles a report containing an account of the occurrence, a location schematic, and other pieces of information collected. The police often add a statement to it expressing their thoughts and findings.

Irrespective of a complainant’s or defendant’s viewpoint regarding an incident, the official accident report from the police gives the court a view of what transpired. Essentially, an incident report establishes a detailed picture of the incident scene to prevent the painstaking procedure of comparing the claimant’s and defendant’s accounts of what transpired.

One of the most compelling reasons to submit a claim sans a record from the police is that- although they offer a reasonable voice, they’re legally inadmissible, implying that they’re usable as testimony, albeit not the last word as to what occurred. Accident police reports are considered as witness third-party accounts of what transpired.

Moreover, law enforcement cannot testify since they didn’t witness the accident firsthand. Instead, their reports provide a description of the occurrence post the collision along with numerous witnesses’ accounts. So, as essential as a police report may prove to be, it can’t stand on its own.

Beyond that, a report from the police neither validates nor invalidates the accident-related damages. It’s just a record of what happened that may be presented as evidence in court.

Self-Filing An Accident Report

In case the police don’t arrive, you can make a report by yourself. Ensure that you collect as much proof as you can. Take pictures, videos, and accident-related details, particularly the accident’s time, date, and location.

Even better, record any details that you can glean regarding other victims affected by the collision. It may prove beneficial. After that, visit the closest police precinct to submit your report.

Is It Possible To File An Insurance Claim Without Police Report?

Many compensation claims need no police report, especially if sustained damages are modest. Insurance companies will unlikely require a report from the police, save for when your property is severely damaged, you’ve been injured, or when a crime occurs.

With a police record, claiming from an insurance firm might expedite the procedure. Nonetheless, you can still make claims without them, but the results will take longer.

Gathering Proof For Your Claim

Even with no police record or eyewitnesses, initiating a compensation claim is possible. But you’ll require solid proof to make a compelling argument. You must first meet the weight of proof which requires you to prove that the other motorist is liable.

Liability refers to a person’s accountability for their conduct. As the plaintiff, you’ll try establishing the responsibility of the defendant’s carelessness while filing a claim.

To establish responsibility and submit a claim, you’ll need to gather any available piece of evidence regarding the accident while receiving guidance from your automobile accident lawyer.

You may use the following methods to record the proof:

  • Capture videos and images of the surroundings. Be sure that you’ve captured any damages to your automobile and its collision contact points.
  • Obtain information about other involved parties in the collision, such as their insurer and details of the other driver.
  • Capture the details of any eyewitnesses.
  • Make a thorough accident account on paper- recalls of climatic conditions, the moment of the day, and location.

Statute Of Limitations

Even with no record from the police, submit the claim following the statute of limitations. One method to prove the exact moment of your accident is taking pictures with timestamps.

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