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Carter-Williams Review: Before you invest in any Forex Trading Platform, read this!

When I first started trading, I found the sheer number of options very intimidating. I checked out a few online trading firms that cater to novice traders, but I was disappointed. I was spending more money than I was making, which made me doubt trading as a good source of income.

This experience, though, molded me into the trader I am today. Instead of only tossing money at trending stocks and seeking hot leads, I could think more clearly and make choices based on measured evaluations.

To really prosper in the trading world, you must first grasp the global stock market. I learned, I grew, and now I’m a part of a platform that’s assisting me in taking my company to the next level. Carter-Williams is a relative newcomer to the online trading scene, but it is well-equipped to provide you with real-time live quotes and advanced charting tools. I wanted to write a review because I believe in sharing accurate facts, and my firsthand experience might be beneficial to new traders searching for a credible platform.

The layout of the Platform – (3.5/5)

As part of your initial evaluation, this is likely the first thing you note about the Platform. When I first came across this Platform, the first thing that struck me was how attractive it seemed. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the embedded graphics, they have been used, and I would have preferred if they had remained more subtle on that front. It’s clearly a matter of personal taste since everyone’s tastes differ when it comes to layout.

A platform with a fun, interactive interface will go a long way in my experience. When I first started using trading sites, I realized how important this aspect is. However, as I progressed and analyzed the solutions available in the industry, I quickly realized that providing all of those resources in a well-packaged server is the real thing.

Carter-Williams has put a lot of time and money into developing the server. It is not only attractive from a style standpoint, but it is also functional. Traders will immensely benefit from the resources available on this Platform, and the fact that they have been built into the server makes access much more straightforward. I went straight to pages like Trading Platform, Account Types, Education Center, and Other Info by clicking. Beginner traders would not be confused when searching for specific options on the Platform.

Security – (4.5/5)

If you’ve been in the trading industry for a while, like me, you’re well aware of the risk considerations that must be considered when trading on the free market. If the server is not stable, especially with online trading platforms, the risk of hacking is always present. This is why, for my own peace of mind, I want to be aware of the security measures in place for a trading platform.

I admired Carter-Williams’ openness in ensuring that every customer knows the legal system that characterizes smooth trade operations. As a result, I can be confident that the Platform’s brokers and support managers monitor all of my transactions. When you hold your trade sessions, you will realize how important it is to have this knowledge on hand. If you’re as cynical as I am, you won’t be able to trust any platform whose security protocols aren’t as straightforward.

Registration and Verification – (4.2/5)

The first question you can ask us about the Platform’s registration process when it comes to security. After reading Carter-Williams ‘ legal code, I agreed to sign up, which includes documentation for everything from the Terms and Conditions to the Risk Disclosure Statement. What you need is your email address and full name to sign up. The majority of the specifications are for authentication purposes only.

By submitting an email directly to the client’s mailbox, the Platform makes it easy for them to verify their email. But all you have to do now is click your way into the authentication process, and after your email address has been checked, you will proceed to verify your identity. I quickly found that this registration process can be tedious for most traders, but there is no way around it because each step contributes to protecting your account.

Because the pictorial document was not accepted on the first attempt, the identity check took some time for me. This was because I had scanned a black and white copy of my government-issued identification card. Document authentication procedures are strictly controlled at Carter-Williams. This is why you must send color copies of the paper in its original form. This is done in the long term to guarantee that no business rule is violated. With the rise of identity fraud in the global stock exchange market these days, I valued the scheme, even though it took time for me.

At the bottom of each tab, a disclaimer highlights the Platform’s security. I thought this was a great move by Carter-Williams, and it means that customers have access to the legal documents they need at all times. After introducing Contracts for Differences (CFDs), there has been a lucrative but high-risk demand for them. Carter-Williams ensures that any resource it offers can make trading conditions more convenient for its consumers.

Account Types – (3.7/5)

It’s not easy to earn a good reputation from customers. Brokers must have various services, one of which is good market conditions. Trading funds, financing strategies, and account forms are all included. Given that Carter-Williams has a long list of properties, it’s time to see if account style diversity is equally impressive.

This broker offers various account forms, all of which are designed with the same aim in mind: to give every trader the same opportunity, regardless of their level of expertise. As a result, the first account helps you invest as little as $250 and get price updates and excellent equity of up to 1:100. Of course, you will have complete freedom to sell all of the assets on the registry.

You like business ratings and decent leverage if you already have trading experience. As a result, Carter-Williams produced new accounts with higher minimum deposit standards but better terms.

For example, through this broker, I took advantage of a senior account manager who was available to assist me from the moment I open an account. I got trader room research, strategic strategy, incentive assets, and enticing spreads with considerably higher leverage.

The deal is incredible, and there is no question that everyone will find anything they like; however, bear in mind that each account has varying degrees of withdrawal priority. This is particularly critical when discussing transaction processes because it speeds up the process considerably.

Innovative Tools – (4.2/5)

Carter-Williams offered various resources to its customers, including scientific, instructional, and technical tools. While they are not classified on the Platform, I wanted to separate them to make their evaluation simpler. Analytical instruments include those that aid in the interpretation of trade statistics. I’d also have the chart in this category because it depicted the actual business situation. It’s now up to you to draw the positions as required and submit your bid. If you’re a day trader, you’ll probably use this Platform more often because you’ll be making several trades at once. The chart’s custom-setting function helps you customize the trade data to meet your own needs.

I would have liked that they had implemented a better chart layout with a more appealing backdrop. However, plenty of custom features compensate for the interface flaw once more. Anything from the chart type to the chart metrics is up to you. There’s also the ability to zoom in and out, and the screen is filled with pop-up lists that make it easy to navigate the numerous other choices. I wasn’t a fan of the color overlapping in these lists, but I can see why they kept to the monochrome style.

Carter-Williams tools are excellent, and each account has its own set of advanced tools for its customers. The educational platforms are beneficial to beginners, making this forum an excellent alternative for all kinds of traders. You extend the horizon for your future buyers as you offer various options. I’m hoping that the Platform adds more languages since this would make it more user-friendly. It currently only has a few choices, making it only available in a few languages.

Customer Support – (4.4/5)

Creating good customer service requires a lot of time and commitment. I recognize that this is a difficult mission, so I do not seek constant assistance. Instead, if the staff is attentive, five days a week could suffice.

Of course, I put the support’s responsiveness to the test to see how it met my expectations, and I can assure you right now that it does. Email, web form, Live Chat, and phone lines are the four different ways to reach the representatives. I chose the online form and submitted our inquiry. It’s easy to use, and all you have to do is fill in your personal information. Since there are many offices, I preferred Customer Support Service, and I received a response the following day (I sent a message after the working hours). The reply I got was beneficial. I didn’t have to ask any more questions because someone took the time to describe them all in-depth. Having said that, if you have any doubts or particular issues when trading, you can rely on them to assist you at any time.


Carter-Williams is a trading platform that caters to all types of traders. So, if you think this site would fall short of your standards, you can still try it out. Despite its losses, the network continues to thrive because it still leaves space for expansion. I’ve been using this site for a little over a year and have yet to encounter an issue that wasn’t resolved promptly.

That, I think, is what traders can look for when choosing a trading platform: how quickly and efficiently they can solve your problems. You can’t make a network flawless, so you can work to make it better. Even though its limited access in some countries can be a hindrance, I’ve been able to close the best deals using this tool.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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