Caulking Around Windows and Doors

Caulking Around Windows and Doors in Rancho Cordova.

The reason why people caulk around Rancho Cordova windows and doors is to prevent water, insects, and air from entering your room. To get the best results, caulking should be done on both the exterior and interior of your structure.

If done well, calking is an important way of keeping your home comfortable to leave since it stays warm, energy-efficient, and dry all the time. But, how do you go about the whole process of calling your windows and doors? Here are a few hints to get you started.

1. Check the Temperature.

You need to choose the right time to do calking of your windows and doors in Rancho Cordova. Winter is not the right time since the cold affects the quality of caulking. Humid summers are also not good since the frame might swell. So, choose the time when the weather is warm.

2. Prepare the Area.

 Before you can apply your caulk on the windows, ensure that the spot is dry and clean. You should get rid of any old caulk or paint using a knife or screwdriver. If the dirt is permanently stuck, you can use a solvent to remove it. Wait for some time to dry before applying your caulk. Applying it while moist might lock in some moisture which may compromise the quality of caulking in the future.

3. Select Your Caulk Properly.

When you go to buy caulk, you will find two options; acrylic and silicone. One weakness with acrylic is that it is subject to shrinking and usually leaves gaps that allow moisture and air into your room. If you don’t apply it regularly, it can lead to great damage. The best option is silicone. It gives 100% protection to your exterior doors and windows.

4. Use the Appropriate Technique.

When applying the caulk, you need to employ the correct technique to get the best results. To fill all the cracks and avoid bubble formation, hold the caulking gun at a forty-five-degree angle. Once you start, don’t stop but continue from one corner to the other. This is to ensure the calking is smooth and continues.

5. Fill the Cracks.

Sometimes the calk will not fill the gap completely. To avoid this, apply sufficient caulk to make sure it feels the space. If it comes out as you apply, utilize your putty knife to take it back into the gap.

6. Use Tools.

Apart from the caulking gun, there are other tools that you will need. If you are feeling bigger spaces, you will need to use a backer rock to help fill the gap. The putty knife is used when the caulk isn’t filling in space, and you have to direct it back.

If you follow these processes, you will have effective caulking for your windows and doors.

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