Choosing the Right General Contractor: What to Look At

Choosing the Right General Contractor: What to Look At

When starting a construction or renovation project, its success depends on the general contractor that you choose. And, when looking for a general contractor, you don’t want to hire any contractor—you need to hire a skilled contractor, with a faultless character.

The good thing is, there are thousands of contractors out there for you to choose from. Any of these contractors can get the job done. But, can they deliver the results that you need? Now, this is where most people fail—choosing the first contractor who comes their way.

Hiring the right general contractor not only means you will get the desired results for your project. It also means the project will be smooth and completed within the set period. This shows the importance of taking your time when searching for a general contractor who’s the best fit for your project—it will save you money, time, and unwanted stress

With that, here are the top things to look at when choosing the right general contractor.

The contractor must be licensed, insured, and bonded

These three official documents can help you get out of the hook in case any legal questions and other issues come up. When hiring a general contractor, check to see if the contractor has insurance, licenses, and bonds set by your state. Without these papers, you risk facing legal and financial challenges in case you have a dispute with the general contractor.

A license indicates that the general contractor meets the standards set by your state. You can easily check whether the general contractor is licensed by checking with the state’s registrar. A bond, on the other hand, protects you in the event the general contractor defaults or fails to complete the project. Lastly, an insurance cover protects the contractor and their staff in case of an accident in the course of the project. While these three pieces of paper seem very simple, they protect both the client and contractor during the project.


What do people say—especially previous clients say about the general contractor that you want to hire? Here, you will need to conduct a thorough search on different platforms like Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, Home Advisor, and other relevant sites. These sites include reviews of real people’s experience with the general contractor and can provide valuable information when assessing the contractor.

While some individual reviews can be prejudiced, based on unreasonable prospects, or vividly positive because of the client’s low expectations, you need to look out for a few things:

  • The general trend of the reviews
  • The type of projects being reviewed
  • Whether the same problems arise recurrently

Now, looking at this information will help you determine if the contractor has the qualities you are looking for.

Lien waivers

The professional contractors at AFS General Contracting say that any reputable general contractor shouldn’t have a challenge in addressing your concerns about how they relate with their subcontractors. How a general contractor relates with subcontractors matters because if the contractor fails to pay the subcontractor, the subcontractor can file for a mechanics lien on your property to get paid for the services or products they offered through the general contractor.

Thus, it’s important to avoid such liens by hiring a general contractor who has a signed lien waiver or release for every subcontractor working on the project. This will prevent the subcontractor from filing a lien on the property, which can lead to unwanted delays.


Integrity is an important character to consider when hiring a general contractor. A contractor with this character will never overcharge you. Besides, they will always stick to their word until the project is completed. Also, they will stand behind each phase of the project that they supervise.

However, this doesn’t mean that the contractor will not make mistakes in the course of the project—it means that the contractor will accept their mistakes and rectify the issue. Furthermore, the general contractor will be responsible when it comes to disposing of trash and keeping the worksite in good order.


Now, flexibility is an important skill of a general contractor, which makes it easier for them to change schedules in order to complete the project. Both construction and renovation projects involve a lot of things, from plumbing and electrical installation to roofing, painting, and landscaping. Therefore, you need to hire a general contractor who’s willing and able to handle every phase of the project within the set timeframe. At times, this means working for extra hours, and even during the weekends to get the job done.


An experienced general contractor shouldn’t have a challenge in working on different aspects of construction—from basic repairs to constructing a building from scratch. Although most general contractors hire subcontractors to work in different areas, it’s important to ensure the general contractor can get the job done. The contractor should be the one who takes responsibility, plans the work, and ensures that the subcontractor completes their work on time.

Bottom Line

As said earlier, hiring the right general contractor is important for the success of your project. With that, you need to consider the tips that we’ve discussed above. In addition, it’s important to consider the contractor’s specific experience, as well as portfolio. These will help you know whether the general contractor is the right fit for your specific project.



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