AC Water Leaks

Common Causes of A/C Water Leaks and Their Solutions

Air conditioning units leak water for various reasons. So the solution will vary. Below is a list of common causes of air conditioner water leaks and what you can do about them.

Clogged Drain Line

An air conditioning unit’s drain line removes the water that the evaporator releases when it converts refrigerant from liquid to gas. Over time, muck such as algae can build up and clog the drain pipe.

Fortunately, water leaks due to blocked drain lines can be fixed with ease. All you have to do is get rid of anything that blocks the line. A wet/dry vacuum, a thin wire brush, bleach, duct tape, and rubber gloves may suffice. Use the thin brush to clear clogs near the end of the drain line. Pour the bleach into the drain line and use the vacuum to suck the blockage out. Better yet, call an A/C repair contractor in Plano, TX.

Cracked/Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan is situated underneath the air handler. It catches the condensation and water from the air conditioning unit. Hence, when the drain pan gets damaged, expect the water to leak. Depending on the materials the pan is made of, many things can cause problems to this component. If the drain pan is made of metal, it can suffer from rust and corrosion over time.

These days, most drain pans are already made of plastic. While this material is durable, it still cracks due to fluctuating temperature, improper installation, or water weight. Even a tiny crack in the drain pan can allow water to seep through. If there’s a crack, you can fix it with a water sealant. It can solve the problem but only temporarily. You’ll need to call a professional A/C repair technician in Plano, TX for a lasting solution.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

An evaporator coil can get frozen when the return vents are closed or blocked, the air filter is dirty, or the refrigerant leaks. The ice in the frozen evaporator coil will eventually melt between the system’s cooling cycles, causing water leaks. Besides that, frozen evaporator coil can also cause problems like warmer indoor environments and higher energy bills.

You can prevent water leaks due to frozen evaporator coils by ensuring the air filter, vents, or registers are free of dirt or any debris. If your air filter needs regular replacement, don’t procrastinate on the task. You should also sign up for a maintenance program. Regular A/C maintenance could help you avoid water leaks and other A/C problems.

Do it yourself or hire professional technicians?

A water leak from an air conditioning unit can cause costly, sometimes irreversible, water damage. It’s just fine to fix the problem yourself. But if you wish to save time, effort, and money in the long run, seeking help from a certified HVAC technician will always be a wise decision. Just make sure to hire an HVAC contractor that is proven trustworthy. 

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