Common Causes of Plane Crashes

Airline Insurance and Compensation for Airplane Crashes

When you fly anywhere globally, it is good to pay for flight insurance in the event of a plane crash. No one getting on a plane thinks that their plane will crash. However, it is wise to buy flight insurance and be prepared for a flight mishap. Always notify your family that you purchased fight insurance and give them the specifics.

While you can purchase flight insurance, it is often a struggle to get the insurance companies to pay for claims. You must resort to speaking with and hiring an aviation attorney to make your compensation claim. You are doing this for your family, and you instructed your family to follow through with legal representation should your plane crash. 

Plane crashes injure or kill passengers on the plane, but if the impact happens over a populated area, there is a reasonable risk that the crash injures and kills many more people on the ground. No crash situation is the same. 

Whenever a plane crash happens, the FAA investigates the cause of the crash and does an in-depth investigation of the details of what happened. Usually, survivors and families of those who did not survive file lawsuits against the company and its employees. 

Some Reasons Why Planes Crash

Plane crashes happen all too often to any plane, from privately owned, single-engine aircraft to larger international jets. Despite the number of plane crashes, researchers and investigators from the FAA firmly stand by what the numbers show and that flying remains one of the safest ways to travel. There are more car and train accidents than plane crashes.

However, when planes crash, it is of no comfort to the families of those killed or injured. The reasons for the plane crashing can affect any aircraft. There are at least ten common reasons why any plane may crash. 

Errors Made by Airline Employees and Air Traffic Control 

While human errors are less than 10 percent, they happen because employees in this job area are under enormous stress. Many airline jobs require employees to make split-second decisions. If any employee makes a poor decision in a crisis, they could distinguish between a safe landing or a crash. Human error is of no consolation to the victims and their families.

-Poor Maintenance of Planes and Mechanical Error

Poor plane maintenance is wide and varied, from being fueled incorrectly to not immediately replacing failing parts. When anything from vehicles to airplanes is mass-produced, there remains the risk for mechanical error. There is always the issue of recalling certain mechanical parts that could cause plane problems. Mechanical errors refer to improper maintenance, unrepaired damage to the plane, design flaws, and system failures. 

-Weather Conditions, Lightening, Wind Shears

When weather professionals forecast lousy weather that is likely to affect plane flights, the planes are grounded until the bad weather passes. 

Pilots always receive a weather briefing before taking to the skies, and the weather may be perfect. Some pilots do not get weather briefings while already in flight for whatever reason, and this lack of weather knowledge can cause a plane to crash.

However, for those planes already in flight, the weather can quickly turn angry and present a clear and present danger to in-flight planes. Lightning and wind shear can rip a plane apart while in flight. 

Weather can most certainly cause a plane to crash and passengers to become stranded, injured, or killed. Fierce lightning is one big reason causing planes to crash.

-Pilot Error

Some pilots say that their job is one they love to hate due to the intricacies of flying.

At some point in a pilot’s career, errors in judgment happen. However, the most dangerous and critical mistakes in judgment come about when a pilot makes a grave error, such as not being aware of their fuel burn rate.

Pilots are highly skilled and trained professionals, so you would think that incidents of pilot error are infrequent. However, investigators in plane crashes find that pilot error is the biggest reason causing planes to crash. 

Pilots are much like surgeons; one error or slip-up can cause a fatal plane crash. Pilots are sometimes like everyone else in the workforce, 

  • They report to work ill
  • Pilot a plane when fatigued
  • Flying with heavy burdens on their minds 

These things tend to weigh heavily on pilots and are attributed to pilot error. Given all of the things that pilots must consistently check out and make sure there are no inconsistencies, you might understand why a pilot error is at the top of the list for causing plane crashes. Being a pilot is demanding and stressful because when a pilot is not having the best of days, they must remain vigilant and focused even when they do not feel up to the job. You can also get compensation from San Antonio 18 wheeler accident lawyer if you’re injured by an 18 wheeler truck.

-Security or Lack of Security on Planes and in Airports

Since 9/11, much has changed how airline passengers are screened before entering a plane. The strict protocols drastically cut any notions of sabotaged flights. However, the risk still represents less than nine percent of all flights. Security breaches still happen.

-Midair Collisions

You wonder why mid-air collisions do not happen more often due to the thousands of planes in the skies, crisscrossing each other every day. Pilots often need to make radio calls before entering a flight pattern. When a pilot does not do this, it puts the plane at risk of a mid-air collision. 

-Corporate Negligence by Airline Companies

Corporate airlines are no different from any other business. Money is the bottom line. Companies, including airlines, try to take shortcuts and cut corners for the sake of the all-mighty dollar.

It is difficult to think about people when the all-mighty dollar is the focus. Airline companies focus on cutting corners versus keeping passengers safe and sound. Some airline companies put customers at risk when they push pilots, their crew, and other employees to adhere to ill-written policies that can possibly contribute to airline crashes.

Some dangerous policies that companies make employees follow could be too strict in timing, cutting corners, avoiding necessary paperwork, flying with a minimum level of fuel, and pilots making dangerous decisions in the name of saving the company time and money. These perilous policies force some pilots into making unsafe decisions.

-Night Time Flying Presents Increased Risk of Crashes

Some airplane pilots may prefer to fly at night and are acclimated to nighttime flying. Nighttime flying means that the pilot must utilize more equipment than pilots use on daytime flights. This time of the hour presents increased risks of a crash due to weather conditions the pilot cannot see. The pilot may become disorientated. The risk of the plane hitting something that the pilot cannot see is higher at night than during the day.

Who is Held Accountable for Negligence and Accidents with Airplanes?

If you were to look at a flight chart for a day and see the thousands of planes flying and crisscrossing the globe, you would wonder why there are not more plane crashes. However, compared to the number of planes filling the skies every day, crash investigators and researchers say that a plane crash is rare indeed.

The manufacturer of airplanes can be held responsible for neglecting to make quality parts showing no defects. These companies must provide a safe workplace, and airline manufacturing companies must develop quality work. 

Manufacturers must ensure that the products their employees make must not put passengers in danger, as seen in the mechanical failure of airplanes. Airline crashes occur due to a chain of events. Someone somewhere could have avoided something in this chain of events leading to the crash. The chain of events in a manufacturing company can include:

  • The company.
  • A product.
  • Failure to catch a manufacturing problem.
  • Multiple defective parts were responsible for the airplane crash.

Victims or Families of Airplane Crashes Need to Seek Compensation and Closure

Sometimes investigators do not have enough information to say why a plane crash happened. These investigators can only say that the airplane flew into a severe downdraft. However, crashes occur from human mistakes to mechanical failures. Survivors and the families of victims need and deserve answers. 

Accidents would never happen if they were not an element of negligence. If there were no negligence, there would be no accidents. Accidents are always due to the failure of some individual (s), company, or product defect. Negligence causes accidents, injuries, and death. 

We feel your grief, and we know that no amount of money can bring your loved one back. However, a family or survivor of a negligent airplane accident should never be expected to pay for mounting medical bills, a host of other expenses, in addition to end of life expenses for your loved one killed when their plane crashed. 

Your Compensation Case is Time Sensitive

If you are injured or a loved one died in a plane crash, you need to speak with our seasoned, experienced, and skilled aviation lawyer to review your case. Many untold expenses occur to victims and their families involved in an air disaster. Someone must help pay for these mounting and unexpected costs. 

It is grossly unfair to expect airline passengers or their families to pay for the debts incurred from an airline crash. You need to call us as soon as possible so we can take advantage of fresh investigations and information related to your crash. If you contact us immediately, we may have time to investigate and examine the crash site. We interview available witnesses and gather all the information while fresh in everyone’s minds.

Your call is a free, no-obligation call, and this attorney can tell you if you have a good settlement case. Our attorneys do not take a settlement case related to an airplane crash if they cannot win a settlement for you. There is no fee to you unless we win your case. 

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