Comprehensive Guide To Avoiding Mistakes While Buying Second Hand Bikes

Comprehensive Guide To Avoiding Mistakes While Buying Second Hand Bikes

A lot of questions arise in a customer’s mind who is planning to buy a second-hand vehicle. Buying used bikes has become a common thing these days, especially in cities like Bangalore, where public transport is not easily available. With the increasing craze for stylish two-wheelers, people who are on a tight budget move to the second-hand market. This decision can be highly beneficial if one chooses the right procedure to select a used buy that is worth the purchase! From documentation to the condition of preferred bikes, there are numerous factors that buyers need to consider.

Buyers often tend to make similar mistakes while purchasing a used two-wheeler from the market. The growing demand for second hand bikes in Bangalore is proof of the increasing need in the city. Customers need to know the right procedure to filter out the best options available in the market and make a square deal. Let us identify the common mistakes made by buyers and how to avoid them while purchasing 2nd hand bikes in Bangalore.

Two-wheelers are the most convenient medium of private transport on crowded roads.

Buying Second-Hand Bikes: Major Mistakes To Avoid

The major mistakes customers make while making second hand bikes in Bangalore are a result of market negligence and confusion. Buyers often tend to follow the traditional methods without verifying the backend of all the available information. Here are a few blunders customers should try to avoid.

Making Random Purchases

Buyers often look for local bike sellers under the impression that it would be easier to do bike inspections. However, checking the outlook of the bike for scratches and dents is not enough. One needs to know the condition of the engine and other motor parts. So, it is best to rely upon online portals.

Not Demanding Any Inspection Report

An inspection report summarises the condition of a vehicle in detail. Most buyers ignore the need for this report. Also, offline sales do not offer this report as the process is highly informal. Thankfully, reliable online platforms consider the need for this information and provide all the required details.

Ignoring The Need For A Test Ride

Owners selling second hand bikes in Bangalore offline do not provide any test run options. Without any test run, one cannot identify how well the vehicle will perform on the road. Considering this factor, a few leading online portals are offering a 3-days trial run option.

Failing To Calculate Depreciated Rates

The depreciation rate varies from one place to another. Many determining factors also act in deciding the depreciation rate. Buyers who are unaware of the prevailing rates can end up paying more than the justified amount.

Overlooking Maintenance History

If an owner has not maintained the health of his bike over the years, the second-hand buyer will have to face the consequences of the same. Regularly serviced bikes are sustainable in the long run. Therefore, customers looking for second hand bikes in Bangalore should check the maintenance report.

Missing Out On Insurance Records

Insurance transfer is a part of second-hand sales. If a seller is carrying failed insurance, buyers will have to buy a completely new plan, increasing expenses. Taking over all the old insurance records helps make a worthy purchase.

Neglecting Online Offers

Relying too much upon the offline market is probably the biggest mistake a buyer can make. Online portals are offering numerous benefits and facilities to help second-hand vehicle customers make full worth of their money conveniently.

Not Following A Legal Transfer Process

Transferring all the paperwork and documents to the buyer is every seller’s responsibility. However, customers often fail to keep the list of documents needed in the process.

Repairing an old bike to bring it to a saleable condition is crucial for sellers.

Factors To Consider While Choosing A Used Two-Wheeler

If a buyer wishes to avoid these common mistakes, he must consider a few facts carefully. There is no doubt that the demand for used bikes has increased rapidly in the past couple of years. This surge has brought many changes in the second-hand vehicles market. Considering these facts may help simplify the process and shortlist the best options.

●     The Purpose of Purchase

Most buyers regret buying second hand bikes in Bangalore because they make the wrong choice. If one needs a two-wheeler for commute purposes, there is no point in buying a low mileage premium bike. One must categorise his choices as per his needs.

●     Prevailing Market Prices of New & Old Models

Most sellers charge a lot more than the actual valuation of their used bikes. These sales happen because buyers are unaware of the market prices. Every customer must know the prevailing market rates and depreciation value of the models and brands that interest him.

●     Difference Between Online & Offline Purchase

Knowing about the benefits of buying second-hand bikes online can help one make the most of their purchase value. Offline sellers neither offer such facilities nor charge a justified price in most cases.

●     Verify The Chassis Number

The chassis number is the identification number allotted by manufacturers. This number helps identify a vehicle in records and registered details. One can use this information to ensure buying a legalised vehicle.

Understand The Role of A Reliable Source of Sales

The role of sellers in this process also makes a difference. Purchasing second hand bikes in Bangalore from independent and unknown sellers can turn out to be the biggest mistake a buyer can commit. Therefore, the availability of online platforms should be given a fair amount of thought. Using online portals is not only time-saving and convenient but also highly beneficial. The features of the leading platforms can help buyers make the worth of their money spent on the purchase!

All these pieces of information bring us to the conclusion that the common mistakes made by buyers while buying second hand bikes in Bangalore are avoidable. Customers just need to be a little careful and consider all the said facts to make a wise decision. Also, the help of a reliable online platform can make the task easier. So, one must look for online options as well!

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