Fenner Powertwist Belt

Comprehensive Note On Fenner Powertwist Belt

If you are considering purchasing a new V-belt for your industrial equipment, the Fenner Powertwist Belt may be the perfect solution. This product features many benefits, including its quick installation and low-speed setup. Its simple design makes it easy to install, and it eliminates the problems associated with transmission vibration and rusted motor bases. Read on for more details about this belt and its benefits.

The PowerTwist Drive is a versatile, everyday industrial workhorse with industry-standard power ratings and cross sections. With no moving components, the PowerTwist Drive is easily installed on existing pulleys, reducing downtime and lowering cost. The PowerTwist Belt features the best anti-static properties of any V-belt on the market. To learn more about the Fenner Powertwist Belt, contact a dealer today!

The Fenner Powertwist Belt is an industry-standard high-performance belt that’s designed to last a lifetime. This belt’s individual links are connected in a twist-lock configuration, which makes it extremely durable. Unlike traditional rubber V-belts, the PowerTwist Plus Antistatic is resistant to static electricity and oil. It can withstand high temperatures, offers high-speed performance and does not buckle or kink. And because the Fenner Powertwist Belt is made of a composite polyurethane/polyester material, you’ll be able to find a suitable replacement belt in just a few minutes.

The Fenner Powertwist Belt provides many advantages for a wide range of industries. It can be easily installed and removes V-belts in minutes. The PowerTwist does not require any special tools, which helps reduce downtime and eliminates the possibility of rusting the motor base. This belt has also been known to reduce motor base problems. So, it’s a great choice for all your conveying needs.

Low-speed setup

The Fenner Powertwist Drive is a new power transmission belt from Fenner Drives. It has no need for retensioning after installation, and it maintains optimal tension for the entire life of the belt. Unlike previous link belting products and rubber V-belts, this product does not have tension decay. In addition, it is available in different speciality profiles and constructions for a variety of applications.


The Fenner PowerTwist Belt is the ultimate upgrade for your fan’s drive system. Made of high-performance polyurethane elastomer and polyester fabric, it offers superior performance in the harshest operating environments. And unlike conventional rubber V-belts, this belt is incredibly easy to install and maintain. Its cross-sectional dimensions are similar to a conventional endless V-belt, which makes it a versatile power transmission solution.

Easy to install

If you’re looking for a new fan belt, consider the premium Fenner Drives PowerTwist Plus V-Belt. Made from high-performance polyurethane elastomer reinforced with polyester fabric, this belt will improve fan performance and extend the life of the fan. The belt is also easy to install, with identical cross-section dimensions as a conventional endless V-belt.


If you’re looking for a low-cost replacement V-belt, look no further than that belt. Designed for a long life in fan applications, these belts are easy to install and adjust. Unlike traditional rubber V-belts, these belts are made from high-performance polyurethane elastomer reinforced with polyester fabric. They are available in both classical and metric wedge section profiles. You can choose a T-Link style belting that has the same cross-section dimensions as a conventional endless V-belt. And if you’re looking for a traditional round belt, Fenner PowerTwist Ground Round belting will work just fine.

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