Picture Frame

Creating a Picture Frame

A picture frame is used to display artwork or a photo. The process used to construct it is called the picture framing process. The steps of a picture framing process can differ based on the kind of frame that is being constructed. However, all processes have some basic steps that are described below.

Procedure to Make Picture Frames

In the past, the picture framing process was not as simple as it is today. New technologies and different types of machinery have made the process quick and easy, according to Frames.co.uk. Before starting frame construction, there are certain things that you need to consider beforehand. Examples of these things include frame dimensions, colour, style, design, material and finishing.

Placing a mat or matboard, a paper-based material, in a frame is called matting. A matboard performs different functions. One of these functions is to separate the picture from the frame glass. It can also improve the look of the frame, as well as the art piece. The coloured matboard is cut into a particular size and design, while keeping in mind the size and design of the frame.

The frame window is made by cutting matboard from the inside, while leaving the matboard boundary as it is. The frame window is the area from where we view the image. You can cut a mat into a variety of sizes and shapes according to your requirements.

Important Terms to Remember

Below are the important terms related to the picture framing process. You should know the meaning of these terms to perform the process correctly.

  • Outside edge: The outside edge of a frame is its exterior dimension. It is measured from one edge to the other. The outside edge size should be according to the size of the image or art piece.
  • Viewing size: As the name indicates, it is the size of the area from where we view an image or art piece. In short, it is the size of a frame window. Viewing size will determine how much of your photograph will be visible to the viewer. The size of your picture should be equal to the viewing size. If it is more than viewing size, then its boundary          will get hidden.
  • Rabbet size: Rabbet size is the size of the area where you add different layers such as an art piece/picture or frame glass. It should be large enough to accommodate the necessary layers.

Plexiglass vs Glass

Plexiglass and plain glass are two different options you can use when creating a picture frame..

Plexiglass, also called acrylic, is lightweight and long-lasting, since it does not break when it falls on a hard surface. On the other hand, plain glass is heavy and it breaks instantly when it falls. If you want something light and more durable, plexiglass is the best option.

However, you should know that plexiglass develops scratches very early compared to traditional glass. Scratches may develop, even when it is cleaned with very light and soft material. For the best look, we also recommend glass over plexiglass.

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