Creating Patterns with Subway Tiles

The simple classic rectangle shape of subway tiles allows you to create a range of different designs and patterns in your tiling layout. Subway tiles offer a timeless choice in the home, with modern interpretations of this traditional tile available in a wide selection of materials and colours, allowing this type of tile to be used in contemporary interiors as well as traditionally styled homes.

Modern subway tiles can be found in deep, jewel themed tones such as emerald or ruby, retro inspired colour palettes that include mossy greens, mustard and burnt orange tones as well as sleek and modern metallic options in bronze and gold as well as stylish mirror finishes. Each of these exciting modern interpretations of subway tiles can be used in a variety of tile layouts, from the classic brick bond, modern stacked styles and the timeless herringbone tile layout for a personal and unique touch in your next design project.

Subway tiles are most often laid in a traditional brick bond pattern. This style includes subway tiles laid in a horizontal strip with the next line of tiles above it being staggered along their length to those installed below them. This style offers a traditional and classic look and is most popular in period style homes however, subway tiles can be used in a large variety of ways, allowing you to create more modern looks in contemporary styled interiors, offering you more flexibility when including this stylish tile in your interior design scheme.

When selecting your new subway tiles, it is important to confirm a specific tile layout pattern and ensure this information is accurately communicated to your Tiler along with your grout colour preferences. The best way to ensure all parties involved in your project are on the same page is to ensure all the necessary information is included in your project’s documentation and design drawings which are prepared by industry professionals such as an Interior Designer, Architect or Draftsperson.

Laid in the classic

Caption: Laid in the classic herringbone tile layout, these natural marble tiles make for the perfect feature wall in this luxurious bathroom design scheme. The space uses soft pink features paired with a glistening gold to complete the look, making for a trendy yet timeless style.

Herringbone tile layouts are a popular style that provides a timeless and classic look in the home. This tile layout is created by laying each individual subway tile at a forty five degree angle, with each tile interlocking with those surrounding it. It is often recommended that the pattern begin in the central point of the area being tiled, whether it is for floor tiles or wall tiles. This technique ensures a symmetrical finish in your design scheme with minimal tile cuts required.

Herringbone tile layouts

Caption: These examples present two further styles that can be achieved using the simple subway tile: Vertical and horizontal stacked patterns. These subway tile layouts provide a modern look that can also assist you in creating visual tricks in your design scheme using shape and pattern to create the illusion of more space.

Vertically stacked or horizontally stacked subway tile patterns are another stylish design solution popular with these simple and elegant tiles. These styles are simply achieved by laying each subway tile in line with the next either in a horizontal or in a vertical fashion.

These designs can assist you in creating the illusion of additional space in a design scheme as their pattern creates a visual cue for the eye to travel in the direction of the grout lines of your subway tiles. A horizontally stacked subway tile layout for example will create a sense of additional width in a room, making this style an ideal solution for narrow rooms. Rooms with a lower ceiling on the other hand can benefit from a vertically stacked subway tile layout, creating a visual cue for the eyes to travel upwards towards the ceiling, effectively creating a sense of added height in a design scheme.

If you would prefer to create more of a sense of pattern using the vertically stacked style, you could choose to stagger each tile from the next in line (as would be the case with a traditional brick bond subway tile layout). This tile pattern will still offer the same sense of height as a traditional vertically stacked tile layout however, it will create a stronger feature in your overall design scheme, offering a modern twist on the traditional brick bond tile layout.

Vertically stacked or horizontally stacked

Caption: These delightful pastel toned subway tiles are laid in a stylish basket weave pattern, creating a timeless and elegant look. This style can be used in modern or classically styled interiors alike making it a wonderfully versatile layout that will create a stylish feature pattern in the home.

The basket weave subway tile pattern creates a playful yet timeless look in a design scheme. This style uses three individual subway tiles that are grouped together in a vertical line. The next three tiles in the layout are then turned horizontally with the pattern continuing this repetition across the surface being tiled to create a stylish pattern that lends itself exceptionally well to modern and traditionally styled interiors alike. The subway basket weave tile layout presents an excellent way of introducing a striking sense of pattern in your home’s design scheme making it an excellent design choice for bathroom or kitchen feature walls.

The simple rectangular shape of the traditional subway tile can be used in a large variety of ways to create a strong sense of pattern and style in any interior design scheme. These traditional tiles are available in a such a wide variety of colours and materials that the possibilities truly are endless when it comes to creating your own unique personal touch in your next interior design project, whether you are looking for more traditional options or more contemporary styles. There are many different patterns that can be achieved using these amazing tiles from the traditional brick bond tile layout to the more modern stacked styles, herringbone tile patterns and the elegant basket weave style that will help you bring your overall interior design scheme to life!

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