Successful Digital Transformation

CRM’s Role in Successful Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform the business and boost its efficiency.

In simple words, it can be said to change old digital technology, with new and modern technology.

It is an important process for an organization. It helps them to understand its customers, retain old customers and build new ones.

What makes a digital transformation successful?

Digital transformations are essential for all industries in today’s world. With the development of technology, the needs of consumers, their expectations, everything is changing dynamically.

For a business to adapt to this situation, technology transformation is a must. But it is not as easy as it looks. It is a continuous evolution.

It is not a plug that you can plug in or plug out instantly.

It’s important to adopt different policies for digital transformation, as soon as possible, as it will improve their performance, and help them to build a new chain of customers.

But sadly, not more than 16% are able to successfully implement these. Even the technology industry can only implement these digital transformations at the success rate of 26%.

How to successfully implement digital transformation?

  1. First, help employees of your organization to understand and know how to use this digital thing. Provide webinars, teaching sessions, and online classes.
  2. Secondly, know what your customers want from you and their purchase cycle.
  3. Start with updating technologies of the Customer care centre. It is the key to deliver the best customer experiences.
  4. Have a set of objectives for digital transformation, thereby build a vision and a roadmap that will help your digital transformation journey to be smooth.
  5. Track your digital transformation growth and analyze its data to improve your strategies.


CRM stands for customer relationship management. It refers to strategies, techniques, tools, or using technology to develop, retain old customers and acquire new ones.

Customer management software allows businesses to focus on their relationship with their existing customers and building new customers.

Moreover, it helps a company to improve their relations with colleagues and suppliers too.

CRM brings the whole organization under the same umbrella. This builds a new channel of connectivity and improves the efficiency of all departments.

CRM has something for everyone, such as sales team, customer, business development, recruiter, marketer, etc.

It is a tool that allows you to manage contact information, build customer relationships, improve sales opportunities, and manage your marketing campaigns, all in one place.

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CRM’s Role in Successful Digital Transformation

CRM helps in digital transformation in the following ways:

Marketing team

CRM helps the marketing team to register their leads, and then analyze them to get a new sales opportunity at the same time.

It stores data such as contact details, geographical location, email age, etc, of customers. These records help in market research and to take better marketing strategies.

Automated systems

CRM helps to automate all kinds of tedious and relative jobs. These petty jobs consume a lot of manpower and time. For example, sending regular emails or posting on social media.

CRM automates these jobs and they can be done with a simple click. This saves the time of your employees, which helps them to focus on more important things.

Errors by Miscommunication

Well, all humans are bound to make mistakes but that is not the case with machines.

Moreover, this CRM helps to avoid any kind of confusion, as all departments are working on the same. Therefore all data can be retired in one place and solutions to customers’ problems can be given fast.

It also enables employees to get real-time data. This system stops any errors.

Sales team

With the help of CRM software, the sales team can have a full record of customers. This includes customer review, purchase cycle, or any kind of vital information, which helps them to analyze a customer in a better way.

In this way, they can analyze what the customer wants and what their queries are. This also allows them to crack a deal, easily.

Keep your data safe

CRM helps to secure all your data safely, without any kind of breach.


CRM acts as an umbrella that connects all departments. This minimizes the communication gap and increases transparency.

Boost Sales

CRM is known to increase the sales of a company. How? With the proper data and sales trends, the company can understand its growth goals and execute all kinds of sales strategies in a better way.

Decision making

A CRM helps to analyze the data and make a decision, strategically and nicely.

In these ways, CRM helps in digital transformation.


CRM helps in digital transformation in the following ways:

  • It helps a company to collect and analyze data and thereby helps in better policy formulation.
  • You can have your customer insights easily.
  • You can also have insights into your various social media handles.
  • CRM can help you to improve your customer engagement and solve their grievances.

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