Cross Pendants

Cross Pendants, its Types, and Why They are Perfect for You

Cross pendants have significant cultural value. Crosses are meaningful for all Christians. No matter who you are, a cross pendant will surely suit you. Nowadays, cross pendants have become an aesthetic and a trend among all age groups. People may wear these pendants for their religious value, sentimental significance, or just because they are beautiful to wear. Crosses are a representation of Jesus’s suffering and his crucifixion.

Why do People Wear a Cross?

Crosses have been worn for centuries for many different reasons. Different types of crosses have different religious values.

  • Celtic Cross.

This cross contains a circular ring around the intersection of the horizontal and vertical bars.

  • Crucifix.

This cross has a depiction of Jesus on the two horizontal and vertical bars. This is the most standard type of cross worn in the Christian Community.

  • Latin/Roman Catholic Cross.

The vertical bar of the pendant is longer than the horizontal one.

  • Papal Cross.

This cross is worn only by the Pope. The top is short and the bottom is long.

  • Pectoral Cross.

This cross is worn only by bishops. The pendant is supposed to hang on the chest.

  • Russian Orthodox Cross.

This cross has two additional horizontal beams representing signage on the cross.

Wearing a cross gives you a sense of faith and security like nothing else. The sentimental value of a cross pendant depends from to person. For some people, the cross gives them hope in dark times. For others, cross pendants make them feel closer to God.

Crosses are not just worn by the Christian community. Cross has now become a trendy fashion statement as well. Meaning there is a vast variety of designs of cross pendants in the market. You can be a little creative with your cross pendant by opting for an embellished one. There are numerous types of cross pendants.

  1. Chain length.

If you want a cross pendant because it is trendy, then you should get a pendant with a long chain length that will make the cross sit on the diaphragm.

  1. Cross size.

It depends on the buyer what type of cross they prefer. Mostly, people prefer pendants that are 1.5 to 2.6 inches. 1.5 inched cross is small and is considered minimal and trendy.

  1. Cross material. 

Cross pendants can be made of gold, platinum, stainless steel, sterling, diamond, etc. The most popular cross material is diamond or stainless steel.

  1. Design.

The embellishments on the cross have different designs. You can opt for a fully or partially embellished one, it is totally up to you!

Unfortunately, it is rare to find a beautiful-looking cross that has the right specification. For example, the pendant might be to your taste, but the chain length may be a deal-breaker. Therefore, it is difficult to find a suited cross pendant in a suitable price range that is beautiful, elegant, and fit for you. According to reviews and customers, the most suitable option is cross pendants at Luxsso.

Lastly, cross pendants do hold a noteworthy value in Christianity but are not just limited to Christians. You can wear cross jewelry even if you are not a Christian. People may hesitate to jump on the bandwagon of the cross pendant trend, but it has been cleared that wearing cross jewelry is not limited to just a religious gesture.

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