Custom glass

Custom glass – the best solution for interior design

To create a stylish interior of a living room or office, a careful approach is important both in terms of design and construction work. Our company makes the highest quality and accurate processing of glass and mirror products of any complexity. Place your order and look at our range of products, without having to leave your home.

Glass types and their distinctive features

  • transparent and extra-transparent glass is ideal for use in shop windows, for facades, in furniture production and for interior decoration;
  • tinted glass is made by adding a coloring substance to the glass mass, it remains resistant to any mechanical and thermal effects, has good light-absorbing properties;
  • Frosted glass has an opaque rough surface, so that the visibility through it is reduced many times over. It is often used in the manufacture of glass doors, showers, kitchen aprons and railings for stairs;
  • Tempered glass is simply raw glass that has undergone a special temperature treatment to increase its mechanical strength. Tempered glass structures also have an increased resistance to various temperature fluctuations;
  • anti-reflective glass dissipates the reflections of light falling on it, protects the surface not only from physical effects, but also from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light;
  • varnished – this is an opaque float glass, designed for interior glazing, it has a wide color palette, which allows you to realize the most daring interior solutions;
  • laminated glass has an increased strength level, which provides greater safety in case of burglars’ attack and stability during natural disasters.

Criteria for choosing high-quality glass

The main conditions that greatly facilitate the process are:

  • transparency;
  • light transmission;
  • homogeneity of the surface;
  • evenness of edges and solidity of corners;

For the glazing of window openings of standard sizes, you should give preference to glass 2,5-4,4 mm thick, but if you need to glaze the window of large size, then you should choose thicker glass, as thin material can not cope with the load of wind.

Our company produces glass partitions, shower enclosures, railings, window sills and awnings. For their manufacture we use special tempered glass, which has a high level of strength and safety. The material does not break into sharp splinters, and has a rounded shape that reduces the risk of injury. Its special structure makes the glass resistant to temperature changes.

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