Dealing with hatred towards the world

People are not everyone’s cup of tea. Granted, they can be loud and well, annoying, however, having social contact is also important.

There are around 7.5 billion on Earth, and you cannot befriend everyone. That much is understandable. However, if you are in a constant zone of sending hate to all the people, then that’s an issue that needs to be addressed.

Like it or not, we are social creatures. Not connecting with random people is fine; to each their own. However, if you are disagreeable all the time, that’s not just not normal, but it also takes a toll on your mental health as well.

While for in some cases, the jaded disposition is result of something serious like trauma, which then needs to be addressed with the help of the Psychiatrist, there are many other reasons for your hatred for people.

Reasons you don’t like humans

Bad experience

Your best friend was making fun of your behind your back, your husband was a philanderer, your brother a cheat, and many other similar bad experiences can put one off humans. When people around you, the ones forming your perception about the world, are unkind to you, it can lead to overindulgence in negative emotions.

It also makes one cynical and jaded and they then color the entire human race with the same brushstroke.

Introverted personality

People who are introverted don’t necessarily hate people, but for them, being around is a source of discomfort, which may be translate into their dislike of humans. However, they are comfortable around their chosen set of comrades.


Stress can also take a toll on your mental health, encouraging the growth of negative emotions like annoyance, hatred, that can then result in your intense dislike for people. This is especially the case when the source of stress are humans, or you are suffering from perpetual stress.

Social anxiety

Social anxiety is a state where are extremely vary of social settings, as it triggers their anxieties then. They feel fear, embarrassment, discomfort, and stress when they are around people. All these negative emotions then compound to make one not so fond of people and may also make them hate socializing.

Handling hatred for people

Hating everyone is exhausting. It takes a toll on your mental health. Moreover, being extremely isolated posits all sorts of risks as well. You need people, whether you admit it or not.

Hence, it is important to address why you feel the hatred for people. Some helpful things to do include:

Give people a chance

It is hard to get rid of bad experiences, but just because some people are unkind to you does not mean every human will take advantage of you. If you operate with the same mindset, you might make yourself extremely lonely then.

Instead, give people are chance. Do listen to your instinct, but at the same time, do not establish a no-human-zone around you.

Deal with social anxiety

It is important to address your social anxiety. You can try the help of a counselor and work towards easing your way into social settings. Telling your friends also may improve things, as they understand your perspective and give you leeway then.

Set boundaries

You may not feel at ease around people because they are so demanding. It can easily be fixed by setting boundaries. When you signal people how far they can go with you, not only does it take the stress away, but you both find a space that both parties are comfortable in.

Expert help

Your issue may be more complicated than just being a matter of harboring negative emotions. You maybe vary of people due to history of abuse, trauma of sorts or bullying. It is important that you unpack these with help of an expert like a therapist, or even a Psychiatrist in Islamabad.

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