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Different Folding Door Types Available In The Market

These days, people prefer to install bi-fold doors that can be a great option and save your space. It can easily fit in most homes and is considered an ideal choice so that there can be sufficient natural lights available.

Bifolding Door Factory can offer you these bifold doors in many different designs and styles that you can select based on the décor of your house. First, let us discuss a few most common varieties of bi-fold doors that you can get on the market.

 1. Single bi-fold doors

This is one of the smallest varieties of bi-fold doors. Typically, such doors are designed to use as an alternative to any standard internal door. They are also called concertina door, which is made from 2 panels joined in their middle by hinges.

Instead of swinging out in a complete arc as any conventional internal door, the concertina door can fold in the middle and then tucks against the wall. The amount of space needed to open and close these doors will be drastically reduced by folding in the middle and making it a very good choice for areas of your home where your space is limited.

2. Room dividers

When we say “bi-fold,” it will mean that there will be 2 panels in action. However, there can be a possibility of doors with more than 2 panels. When there are 7 or 8 doors in a row, all these will still be called bi-fold doors as they all open and close similarly.

3. Internal bi-folding doors

This bi-folding door style is also called Room fold doors, but they all mean the same thing. They operate just like small single doors but on a much larger scale. The bi-folding door sets will run along a track to prevent them from getting wobbled all over the place when you will open and close them.

4. Bifolding doors have access doors.

Typically, an access door can be found in larger configurations to make the homerooms much more convenient. This access door will function similarly that any standard internal door will function.

This leaf can easily open independently to other bi-folding door sets and allow you to make quick and free movement from one room to another.

This kind of access door is fitted on any side of the opening and can be easily configured to open in any preferred direction.

5. Emergency-efficient bi-fold door

If you are trying to install doors with any large glass panels, you must put some thought into the energy efficiency and thermal insulation of the door.

It will also be a better idea to ensure that your doors are secure and weather-proof. A strong seal that will keep out rain and wind is important. If you have multiple locking points on its tracks, it will be beneficial as it will make it difficult for any intruder to break into the property easily.

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