Does Buying Followers Work? What are the Benefits and Harms?

Does Buying Followers Work?

Buy Instagram followers Malaysia are a special service provided to social media users. The use of social media platforms has increased considerably in today’s conditions. Social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter host millions of users. These users have an account on at least one platform.

Owned accounts are useless if they don’t have followers, unfortunately. Account holders are sharing their posts for a specific community. They spend a lot of time on their social media accounts both to present them with good content and to feel better and more confident with the likes, comments and followers they receive.

It is not an easy process for an account to gain them, it takes a lot of effort and time. But accounts that reach a certain number of followers are even easier to grow. Because of such situations, buy followers services are the saviors of social media users. Accounts with many followers to be visible grow more easily. In addition, the fact that they appeal to more audiences allows them to produce content in a more motivated way.

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Pros of Buying Followers

It is often very useful for users to buy them. Buying followers is a fairly easy and cost-effective task thanks to the service many sites offer. In addition, if the right service is preferred, it is quite safe.

Increasing the number of followers is the most important factor that puts users ahead of their competitors. The many followers you have, the more popular you become. For example, when a user with a YouTube account reaches 100,000 subscribers, a silver plaque is sent by YouTube. This plaque is proof that he is both successful and reliable. These users can now grow and become popular more easily.

Users who use the Buy followers gain different benefits depending on the social media platform used. Users who get 10,000 followers on Instagram are considered phenomena. In this way, they can earn money through social media by advertising and engagement. This work continues in the same way on most platforms, but based on different numbers. What they have in common is that the more followers there are, the more popular they are and the possibility of making money.

More followers mean an increase in comments and likes. Thanks to increased interaction, accounts will be more prominent. In addition, the user will have an audience that loves and follows him. This is quite satisfactory since we are now in the era when the need for socialization is met over the internet.

Cons of Buying Followers

There are many platforms that provide buy followers service. These can be domestic or foreign. The processing logic of the platforms is similar. Each site has its own user pool. Users in this pool are ready to follow, like and comment or watch videos according to the incoming order.

There are bot users as well as real users in the pools. Bot users are created by creating fake accounts with a special software used by the service site. Bots are not real users and cannot be active accounts. If they are just following, likes or comments cannot be expected from them. If the person does not know whether there is a bot user in the package he bought, it may be harmful.

Most sites refer to their packages as bot users or real users. People apply to buy Instagram followers Singapore packages in line with their needs. However, this is not indicated on unreliable sites. In some cases, false information may be given even if indicated. People should do their research well before making purchases.


On some sites that serve, they start to drop after a while after they are purchased. The reason for this is the algorithms and software of social media platforms. The software is designed to detect fake users. Therefore, the detected and unreal user account will be deleted. The deleted account will cause the followers to drop.

In addition to these cons of buying followers, the comfort of users will also harm them. Somehow, I now have as many followers as I want, the person who thinks may not pay the necessary attention to his account. This causes a decrease in real followers. Nobody wants to follow an inactive account. Continuing to publish content after purchasing the follower package will enable people to gain them. However, emptying their account causes the money they spend to be wasted.

How to Buy Followers?

Pages that provide follower purchase services serve on the platform they specialize in. Therefore, it is important to choose a site suitable for the desired platform. Some sites have services for every platform. The most important criterion in choosing a site is the user comments of the site. Sites that have been in service for a long time have a certain customer. As long as these customers are satisfied with the service, they receive orders continuously.

So, you have decided to buy Instagram followers Greece, but how will you get them? For this, it is important to choose a reliable and correct page. There are a few general steps to start the order process on the trusted page:

  • Select on which platform you want a buy followers
  • After choosing the package, you must choose the price and the number of followers.
  • Click on the Buy the selected package button.
  • On the page that opens, you must write the account name or link. write correctly
  • Then the required personal information should be entered.
  • Finally, you can pay after entering the payment information.

It should be noted that the sites are secure payment options. After the payment process is completed, they will reach the account within the specified time. The result of buying followers varies between 2 hours and 24 hours.

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