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Does My Old Furniture Go to the Dump?

Have you ever wondered where your old furniture goes to? Is it recycled? Or does it go to the landfill? Once you call the furniture pick up company, are you interested in knowing what happens next?

The reality of having furniture in your house is that one day it will wear out. When the time finally comes for your old piece of furniture to go, there are a few factors involved. The hardest part of furniture removal is the bulkiness. Maneuvering through the house with old furniture is a tall order. And that’s why you need a furniture pick up or rubbish removal professional to come to give you a hand.

Preparing Furniture for Disposal

So, what’s the first step when disposing of furniture? Before you even call the furniture pick up experts, you’ll need to dismantle the pieces first. This makes it easier to remove the outside and drop it off in the dumpster – if you ordered one.

Beds and couches have their own distinct dismantling procedures, which you can check through the manuals or online. Generally, the standard procedure involves:

  • Removing the cushions.
  • Put the sofa on its back to start removing the legs.
  • Use a screwdriver or staple remover to pick apart the upholstery.
  • Start dismantling the wooden frame slowly.

In case you can’t do these procedures on your own, then consider hiring experts who can help you.

Call the Furniture Pick up Experts, Sell or Donate

Most people have a hard time disposing of their furniture. There are a few ways to go about it, and the most feasible option is to call the furniture pick up experts. Different regions have distinct regulations on the disposal of large items like furniture.

Of course, you could opt to sell the piece of furniture you have, and have the buyer come and pick it up. However, this will depend on the condition of the piece. Donating to charity is equally another great option to use when disposing of furniture.

The fact that you don’t need something doesn’t mean that someone else won’t find a use for it. There are tons of local charities that you can donate to. Some even have the option to come and pick up the furniture on their own. This saves you the hustle and funds taken to transport it.

Take it To the Dump

Although not the best option to use, you can take your old piece of furniture to the dump. Nonetheless, you’ll need a truck due to the bulky nature of furniture. Imagine having the stress of transporting an entire set of sofas.

On the brighter side, once you dismantle it, the process becomes a lot easier. You can even hire a few people to help you out if you feel overwhelmed. The downside is that the cost of doing this may not be economical per se. You’ll find out that hiring a furniture pick up company will still be a better option.

Is Recycling or Reusing an Option?

Well, if anything, recycling and reusing any item is the best decision you could ever make. This is especially true when looking at it environmentally. However, not all types of wood, or items can qualify for recycling.

Basically, you can recycle any form of wood, as long as it’s untreated. Such pieces of wood form good compost for farming or can serve different roles. You can even recycle them and create new items that people would pay for.

Unfortunately, most household pieces of furniture are treated. Therefore, this poses a challenge when it comes to recycling and dumping. These types of furniture include those with paint, varnish, stains, and pressure treatment. Chipboards and particleboards are also quite difficult to recycle.

Some of the chemicals used to treat wood may even be harmful to the environment. That’s why calling a furniture pick up expert who has the right disposal techniques matters. However, reusing is still a possibility even with such pieces of furniture.

What Do the Furniture Pick up Experts Do?

When picking up your pieces of furniture for dumping, a professional company will dispose of it in the right way. Aside from being a finable offense, irregular and uncouth dumping hurts Mother Nature.

You can’t break down materials with treated wood easily. And that’s why they are difficult to dispose of. The cushions on your sofa sets are also harmful to the surroundings. Therefore, they have to find the most suitable way of disposing of all of these items in the right manner.

Composite wood or particleboards can’t make compost – at least not for plants. They are too toxic, even for the environment. If you’re not careful with your disposal technique, you’ll even endanger your water system.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you probably now understand where old furniture goes. Once you have dismantled your old set, remember to call the furniture pick up experts to haul away the trash.

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