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Dog Bike Trailer: Is It Worth Investing In?

Being a pet parent entails the need for you to provide for the essentials that your dog needs, such as food and shelter. However, you also need to take note that they are also required to feel cared for and loved. The best way for you to do this is by spending quality time with them. For some people, this means taking their pets with them while they indulge in leisure activities such as biking. This feat will prove to be more effortless with the use of a bike trailer.

There are several reasons why you should consider investing in a dog bike trailer, particularly if you intend to ride with your furry friend.


One of the primary reasons why you should consider getting a dog bike trailer is to ensure their safety, particularly if you have a puppy. Puppies are more vulnerable when taken outdoors, and placing them in a bike trailer will reduce their risk of getting hurt. In case you are traveling through a busier area wherein other dogs can become an imminent danger to your furry friend, then you are assured that your dog is safe in a bike trailer. It is also less likely for your dog to get distracted when he is riding in a bike trailer, which means that he will stay with you at all times rather than wandering off in another direction.


Another reason why you should consider getting a dog bike trailer is to provide more comfort to your furry friend. Just keep in mind to get the right trailer size for your dog, something that is not too cramped for them or too wide. Rest assured that riding in a dog bike trailer is just like being in a car ride for your dog.

There is also a great chance for your dog to feel more comfortable riding in a dog bike trailer, particularly if you already have an older dog that can no longer run or walk long distances. In riding the trailer, you are also helping them protect their paws because running or walking too much can also damage or hurt their paws. This is also true if your dog has certain injuries that prevent them from being as energetic as they used to be. Riding in a trailer will help them get the benefits of the outdoors without causing any further damage to their injuries.

Features of Dog Bike Trailers

As soon as you have decided to get a dog bike trailer for your dog, the next thing that you need to think about is the features that you need to look for. Not all dog bike trailers are created equal, with some designed far better than the others. Nevertheless, as long as you consider some of the features listed below, then you will be able to end up with a perfect dog bike trailer for your furry friend.

●    Connection Type

One of the first things that you need to carefully inspect in a dog bike trailer is its connection type. Some come with a hitch, while others come with a connector. The best bicycle trailers for taking dogs even have a spare safety strap for connection in case the main hitch breaks or gets damaged. Just keep in mind to go for the connection type that is easy to connect to your bike, as well as one that doesn’t interfere with your gears because this can also affect how you maneuver your bike later on.

●    Size

Another thing that you need to consider in getting a dog bike trailer is its size. As much as possible, you need to go for one that fits your dog perfectly, neither too big nor too small. In this case, your dog will be able to sit comfortably or even lay down and turn around a bit. Also, check for weight limits to ensure that the trailer will be able to handle the weight of your dog.

●    Portability

Apart from the connection type and size, it is also a good decision to consider the portability of the dog bike trailer. Some can be folded for storage, which means that they will not take up too much of your space later on. There are also those which can be easily collapsed and expanded, which makes them ideal for travel. In the case of the latter, you will find that the wheels of the trailer can also be easily removed and put back as necessary.

●    Entryway

You also need to consider your dog’s entryway to the trailer. For instance, if you go for one with an entryway on top, then you need to carry your dog each time he needs to use the trailer. On the other hand, if you get a dog bike trailer with an entryway on the side, then your dog will be able to get in and out of it by himself effortlessly. However, this also means that it will be easy for your dog to get out even while you are currently in motion.

●    Bike Trailer Floor

Finally, you also need to consider what the floor of your dog bike trailer is made of. As much as possible, go for ones with a flat and sturdy base that stays in place. This ensures that your dog is not compressed while riding, even if you don’t put anything else on the floor to add to its stability.

Perhaps this is the best time for you to get a dog bike trailer, which will make it easy for you to ride with your furry friend if this is the means that you choose to spend time with him. Just make sure to go for the best ones that are durable and safe enough for you to use. Rest assured that you will have several options to choose from, and as long as you land on the right selection, you will be able to prove that your dog bike trailer investment is all worth it.

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