Dom Hofmann Loot 46m 180m Thurmancoindesk

Dom Hofmann Loot 46m 180m Thurmancoindesk

Dom Hofmann has made headlines recently, with news that he was able to raise $46 million and $180 million in two separate funding rounds—something rarely seen in Silicon Valley. The news was reported by Ansel Thurman at CoinDesk, and this article will explore the investor interest in Hofmann’s vision and hopes to give budding entrepreneurs insight into how to create success stories like his.

About Dom Hofmann

Dom Hofmann is an entrepreneur and founder of several ventures. His best known endeavors include vine, a defunct video-sharing service acquired by Twitter in 2012, and the Byte app, which is looking to resurrect the spirit of vine once again. More recently, Hofmann raised $46 million from Spark Capital, General Catalyst, GV and Trickle Ventures for his venture fund Initialized Capital. This followed his second round of funding—a larger raise of $180 million backing technology startups—which included participants such as Goldman Sachs and Andreessen Horowitz.

Thurman’s CoinDesk article

CoinDesk reported Dom Hofmann’s successin a recent article written by Ansel Thurman. The article states that the funding takes Initialized Capital over the $200 million mark, with the founder noting the success of his latest endeavor “opens the door to reach even more incredible outcomes in the tech industry.” Thurman notes Hoffman’s own humble beginnings, noting how he dropped out of college at 22 to start his first company, which eventually sold to Twitter. Thurman also quotes Hoffman on how “new entrepreneurs can look up to stories like his as a source of inspiration to make their own dreams come true.”

Hofmann’s Investors

The $46 million round from Hoffman’s venture fund was led by Spark Capital, General Catalyst, GV and Trickle Ventures, who all had their own reasons for investing. Among their reasons for investing was the belief that Hoffman was a talented entrepreneur and marketer, with the potential for success. In addition, the investors noted that Hoffman’s previous success in building an app with a large user base makes him eligible for bigger investments.

Hofmann’s Vision

Hoffman’s vision is focused on becoming a part of the future of technology. He is looking to invest in something he believes can help push the limits of what technology can do, and believes that this round of funding will help him to do that. He states, “We’re at an inflection point where technology can be used to make world-changing things happen, and I believe my investments in forward-thinking companies can be a part of the story”.

Tips from Hofmann’s Success

Hofmann’s success can be a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the world of technology. Hoffman stresses the importance of not becoming discouraged even in the face of failure, noting that his own successes came after many failures. Hoffman also stresses the importance of having a vision, and taking the time to think about how it can be turned into a reality.


Dom Hofmann’s success story can serve as an example of how entrepreneurs can reach their goals with the right mindset and determination. Through his recent $46 million and $180 million investment rounds, Hoffman is proof that it’s possible to raise money for technology startups and and succeed at turning visions into realities.

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