Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Oil Vape Pens

Vaping is the safest way to enjoy cannabis, tobacco. CBD and e-liquids. With no ignition involved there is no fear of the toxins that come from burning tobacco, for example, and the user inhales a cloud of vapor rather than smoke. Vaping began with e-liquids to replace the traditional tobacco cigarette that had been largely outlawed in public places.

Soon the vape manufacturers recognized there was a market for CBD vaping and with the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in many states of the USA, this became a potentially lucrative market for vaping device and accessory makers. We’re going to look at two distinct types of vape pens: those for dry herbs, and those for oils. Let’s talk about what a vape pen is to start with.

Vape Pen Explained

A vape pen is just one type of device for vaping your favorite substances. Vape mods were the original devices – so called because they were modified from other electrical devices – and these are available in bigger sizes. Desktop vape devices can also be bought, but we’re interested in the pen.

A vape pen – whether for dry herb, oil or concentrates – is a small and discreet device that is shaped like a pen. A metal outer casing contains a battery, a heating coil otherwise known as an atomiser, and a compartment or cartridge into which the dry herb, concentrate or oil is put. When the button is pressed to signal the sequence to begin, the battery heats the atomizer which in turn vaporizes what is in the container. This creates the cloud that the user inhales.

Why would you need a different vape pen for dry herbs and oil? It’s all to do with the temperature at which each will be vaporized. Let’s have a look at a dry herb vaporizer.

Buying a Dry Herb Vaporizer

Dry Herb Vaporizers vs Oil Vape Pens

If you want to enjoy your cannabis to the fill you need a high quality weed vaporizer that is designed specifically for dry herbs. This will include a compartment that is removable for filling, and a 510-thread battery preferably with a voltage control. Voltage control is important as it allows the user to select a temperature that gives them the most satisfying hit.

This is, of course, to personal taste and the better dry herb vaporizers offer four or more temperature settings. They are easy to use as described above, with button controls for selecting the voltage and starting the sequence, and are not expensive to buy. We recommend you check out a reputable online retailer for the best choice.

Buying an Oil Vape Pen

When buying an oil vape pen you may read or hear about dab carts so let us explain. This is short for dab cartridges, which are the container you fill with your wax or oil. The difference here is that you can buy disposable pre-filled cartridges which you simply slot in and use then throw away and fit another, or you can buy oil vape pens with refillable cartridges. The latter may be more cost-effective and also allow you to sample different oils or concentrate.

Once again, these are easy to use and maintain, with all parts being simple to dismantle for cleaning and maintenance. These small and discreet devices are favored by users for their mix of simplicity and convenience, and as there are many brands and models to choose from it is no surprise they are becoming increasingly popular. Check them out at a reputable online retailer now and see what you can find, as the level of competition in the vape market means you may find a bargain.

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