Dual Tray Laser Printer

The Dual Tray Laser Printer and it’s Alternatives

A Dual Tray Laser Printer has two paper trays that are different to each other and both of them are a part of dual tray laser printer. One paper tray of dual tray laser printer is in the standard letter size such as 8’’ * 11.5’’. if we talk about the second tray of dual tray printer will be 8’’ * 14’’ in size if we measure it. There are many benefits of such kind of a printer because due to it, a user can print many papers easily and without facing any kind of a problem while he is printing a paper in dual tray printer. You should print a paper in the different size tray that we have mentioned here just for those people who want to know such kind of informative material in order to printer laser print on page or paper without facing a lot of problem while printing a laser print from dual tray printer.

Dual Tray laser Printer

A user can printer papers with the help of dual tray laser printer and with the help of the printers tray. There are two printers tray that are in the dual tray laser printer, both of them are available in different size. The Dual tray printers has two of its tray that help to print the laser print and best quality print to a user. You can print a laser print on dual tray printers to print different papers of your daily need. If you are looking to print laser and print with two print printers tray then you have an option of dual tray printers because with the help of this printer,  you can fulfil your printing requirement.

Two trays of dual tray printer

In the dual tray printers, there are two of the trays are in it that helps a user to print. These two trays are very important in the dual tray printers because with the help of these two printers tray, your dual printer works perfectly and in a good progress. The two trays help a user to print two paper sizes and both of the trays of a dual printer prints different size of papers. It is important while a user prints a paper for the customer’s or user’s need and it prints a good quality print to a user or customer.

Dual Tray Printer prints fast

The dual tray printers print fast as compare to other ordinary printers that print normal quality print papers. There are so many users of dual tray printers to print their papers by using dual printer because it has a best printers drawer that draws a good quality paper and satisfy the customer. The printers drawer of this printer is good to draw on papers and in the different sizes. The printer drawer of dual tray monochrome laser printer is good to draw and print on papers and wins the satisfaction of a customer or user.

Dual Tray Monochrome Laser Printer

The dual Tray Monochrome Laser Printer uses one black toner cartridge for printing papers. It is one of the best thing in the dual tray printer to print with black toner cartridge and prepare it for the customers or users. The monochrome laser printer dual tray uses only one toner cartridge in their printing purposes and the only one cartridge is black toner cartridge. Monochrome laser printer dual tray has two trays that we have already discussed in this article at the upper section so that the user can understand easily about all the things in this article.

Alternatives of dual tray monochrome laser printer

There are alternatives of monochrome laser printer dual tray are available and these alternatives work just like a dual tray printer. That is why, they are called alternatives of a dual tray printers and due to these dual trays, a user can easily do his work or print the papers very easily. If you are not satisfied by the dual tray monochrome laser printer then you can use the alternatives of dual tray printers. There are other alternatives of this printer are available for you so you can use these options too. Firstly, the use of dual tray monochrome printer is very helpful and it will not give a chance of any kind of complaint.

Can a use add second tray to a laser printer

Of course, a user can add second tray in a dual tray printer because there is a capacity of two trays in the dual tray printer. If you cannot add the second tray to a dual printer then you should read this section very carefully and with consciously because we will tell you about adding the second tray in the dual printer. There is a laser printer that helps you to add the second tray to a printer named Brother HL-L6200DWT. With the help of Brother HL-L6200DWT laser printer, you can add the second tray to a dual tray printers very easily. It will help a user to add the additional trays very easily to the dual tray laser printers.

You need to set a tray of your dual printer and then go to the physical settings of your dual tray printer. And then you can make sure that which tray do you need to set up to a dual tray printer. You can purchase the additional trays and can be set up to a dual tray printer by following the simple and easy steps. These steps help you or guide you the right way of adding additional trays to a dual tray printer and do your work as you want to do on your printer. It is your choice whether you want to add an additional tray or not.


A dual tray laser printer prints different size of papers and prints with containing two of the trays. The trays can be added by your choice, whether you want to add the trays to your dual tray printer or not.

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