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DVR Discussions: Is the DISH Hopper a DVR?

Remember when you used to have to wait for a TV show to come on and then watch it while it was actually on if you didn’t want to miss it?

Nowadays, you don’t have to do that anymore! DVR has made it possible for people to record their favorite shows and watch them whenever they want. It has completely revolutionized the TV industry, as more than 50% of Americans take advantage of the DVR at this time.

If you’re interested in joining them, you might want to add a DISH Hopper to your living room. What is a DISH Hopper? Well, the DISH Network Hopper is a device that’s designed to make it simpler than ever before to record shows so that you can watch them later.

Today, we’re going to talk to you at length about the many benefits of investing in a DISH Hopper for your home. From the moment that you pick up a DISH Hopper remote and begin using it to record things on TV, you’ll change your TV-watching experience forever.

Here are the top reasons to get your hands on a DISH Hopper.

It’s a Whole-Home DVR

There are some cable providers that will force you to install multiple DVR devices throughout your home if you want to watch recorded TV shows on all of your TVs. This can be a real drag, and it can also cost you a bunch of extra money every month.

It’s why you should look into getting a whole-home DVR for your house. This type of DVR will handle recording and playing all of your recorded TV shows on any TV that you want.

The DISH Hopper With Sling is an excellent example of a whole-home DVR. You can record TV shows directly to it and then watch them whenever and wherever you want, no matter where you might happen to be in your home.

It’s Capable of Recording and Storing a Lot of TV Shows

When you first welcome a DVR into your home, you might not think that there’s going to be any way that you’ll be able to fill it all up. But before long, you’ll be recording TV shows on your DVR and chewing into the storage space that it has on it.

This might be a big problem with some other DVRs. You’ll have no choice but to go through your DVR and delete TV shows from it to make space for other shows.

But when you have a DISH Hopper, this isn’t something that you’ll have to be concerned about. The latest DISH Hopper devices can record and store about 2,000 hours worth of TV shows on them without any issues.

As a result of this, you can record things at will on your DISH Hopper. You aren’t going to come anywhere close to filling it up when you first get it.

It’s Able to Record TV Shows in HD

You’re going to want a DVR to do more than just record TV shows for you. You’re also going to want it to record TV shows in HD so that you can watch them back in all their glory.

This is yet another thing that the DISH Hopper will be capable of doing for you. Each and every TV show that you record will be available in HD once it’s done recording. You’ll enjoy watching your favorite TV shows so much more because of it.

It’s Able to Record Multiple TV Shows at Once

Do you have family members or roommates who like recording TV shows every bit as much as you do? Then you might be worried about what’s going to happen when you’re all trying to record different shows at once.

Some DVRs aren’t going to be able to handle recording more than a couple of things at one time. But the DISH Hopper is different in that it can record up to six shows at a time for you and whoever else lives in your home.

The DISH Hopper can then play these TV shows back for you in any room that you want. You aren’t going to find yourself getting into arguments with other people because you’re all trying to record TV shows at once.

It’s Possible to Use It to Skip Over Commercials

One of the only real drawbacks of using a DVR to watch TV is that you still have to either sit through commercials or fast-forward through them. This can get to be very annoying when you’re trying to watch one of your favorite TV shows.

Fortunately, DISH has found a way to help people get around this when they’re watching certain shows. The DISH Hopper has a feature called Primetime Anywhere that will allow you to watch TV shows on primetime channels minus commercials.

You should look here to find out more about how this feature works. While you’re there, you can also read about some of the other benefits of the DISH Hopper and see what else it can offer to you and those who live in your home.

Don’t You Want to Add a DISH Hopper to Your Home?

If your life revolves around your favorite TV shows to some degree, you really shouldn’t be living without a DVR in your home. Furthermore, you really shouldn’t be living without one of the best DVRs around, like the DISH Hopper.

As you’ve learned here, the DISH Hopper brings so much to the table. It records numerous shows at once, it has plenty of room for these shows on it, and it replays these shows in HD. All of this will make you so happy when you fire up your DISH Hopper for the first time and start using it day in and day out.

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