Effective basketball inbound play drills

Effective basketball inbound play drills

Inbound play is one of the important plays that takes place in basketball. Basically this play occurs at the start of all the periods except the first one. Or it might takes place succeeding any stoppages in other plays such as non – shooting foul, dead ball turnover, inadvertent whistle, violation and timeout or jump ball.

Inbound play is of two types depending on the location of the ball. These are baseline inbound play and sideline inbound play.

Baseline inbound play: When the inbound takes place on baseline it is said to be a baseline inbound play. In response to the full court pressure of the defense Triangle Offense, offense only needs to perform an inbound play. The only purpose is to pass the ball to teammate or advancing the ball by dribbling or passing while fighting past half court and full court pressure.

Sideline inbound play: When the ball is on sideline of the court, the inbound that takes is said to be a sideline inbound play. As the ball location is on the opposite side of the half court where the offense makes attempts to score. In this situation, inbound play is executed to pass over the ball to any good dribbler to setup offense.

Basketball inbound passes

There are several passes that an inbounder can use to get ball inbounds. These passes includes chest pass, overhead pass and bounce pass.

Chest pass: This type of inbound pass is used to pass the ball quickly to an open teammate everywhere on the court.

Overhead pass: Overhead pass (also called as high chest pass) is used to avoid stealing and deflection by making a long pass over various players to a teammate.

 Bounce pass: bounce pass is very effective to use against an inbound defender who is shielding the basket or place in front of the sideline. Basketball teams use bounce pass when advancing the ball to any player or to the goal for layup for baseline or sideline out of bounds.

Best basketball drills for inbound play

Executing inbound play on the court in various situations can be challenging if the players had not practiced enough. To develop and improve inbound play, there are several drills. These drills greatly benefit the players on the Fullcourtbasketball. Our collection of basketball training videos includes drills effective for inbound plays. These drills contains all the valuable information and instructions regarding how to perform an inbound play and what strategy should be used. Best inbound plays are listed as;

  1. Middle split
  2. Zipper pick-and- roll
  3. 45 stack
  4. Box elevator
  5. Scorer


With these drills players will be able know more about inbound play. The basketball professionals instructs various teaching points that are very helpful. If a team wants to execute an inbound play then its players must be capable of setting a legal strong screen. In addition, when the players practice inbound plays against live defending team then it benefits them greatly. By practicing drills over and over they become good at getting open, setting solid screens and using inbound plays to score in variety of ways.

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