Essential Things to Bring When Going on a Camping

Camping has always been a good way of getting outside with friends, family, or colleagues or sometimes even just by yourself. There are many places you can choose to camp. You can choose to camp in your backyard, national and state parks, private campgrounds, and also in the backcountry.

If you are packing, you might want to use this handy camping checklist to make sure you do not forget anything when you go on that important camping trip.


Sleeping under the stars would be very romantic on a camping night, but make sure that you would still bring a stargazing tent or an emergency shelter on hand just in case there is a change in weather conditions. Camping is not just about clear skies and stargazing. There would be times that freak snowstorms and heavy rain might come in an instant. Avoid the risk of hypothermia by making sure that you would have a tent over your head if this happens.

Sleeping Bag or Sleeping Mat

Even though you are trying to enjoy nature, it doesn’t mean that you will also have to endure an uncomfortable night sleeping. There would be times that when the sun goes down, the temperature in camps drop down during nightfall. Keep yourself warm by bringing a sleeping bag or a sleeping mat with a blanket to keep you warm on those cold nights at the camp. Without a sleeping bag means a higher risk of having a very uncomfortable sleepless night for you.

Water Bottle, Water Purification Tablets, and Water Filter

Water is always essential to camping and for survival in the great outdoors. You might notice that the further off the beaten path you go, the more quickly it seems to run out. The last thing a smart camper wants is to be stuck without a supply of fresh water. Drinking straight from a pond or a lake can cause serious illness due to the presence of bacteria in the water. A water filter and some water purification tablets will help you solve this problem.

First Aid Kit

Unexpectedly, small and minor accidents do happen. From simple scratches or even small cuts, campers need to be ready in case something like this happens. Some small wounds, if untreated, might also become infected and will cause a lot more problems. Always be prepared with a kit with the essential items inside, such as alcohol, sterile bandage, wound creams, antiseptic, insect repellent, and sunscreen, which can be optional.

Fire Starter

A crackling campfire is something that campers look forward to. It would be great to have some tools to do the job for you, starting that fire quickly. If you plan to bring matches, buy the waterproof ones. A little kindling is also a great idea to start a campfire. If possible, bring a waterproof container with strips of newspaper, dry bark, and dry wood too. Charcoals can be an option also.

Personal or Optional Items

Bringing toilet paper may seem like an unnecessary luxury while camping, but some people see it as a necessity. Some people would also bring mosquito nets to protect them from bites during night time. They would also bring mosquito coils to send those mosquitoes away. Some campers even bring their Best Camping Shower to make sure they would still be clean and hygienic even when outdoors.

Always remember that camping is a way to connect with nature and to relax the mind too. Take this time to free yourself from the stress of living the city life and always remember to keep that eco-friendly mindset when outdoors.

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