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One of the famous niches in the photographer Industries is editorial photography. It is one of the types of photography that we all are familiar with. Editorial fashion photography is rooted in fashion and journalism. Whenever you look at any publication or magazine, you will find images alongside the text that are known as editorial photographs. Apart from editorial fashion photography, there are various other types like fashion model photography, professional photo shoot, and high fashion photography that are quite popular in the industry.

Let’s understand how editorial images are good for your online portfolio website.

  • Editorial photography is done to recite a story or support the narrative in the text given aside. The focus is on the creation of a specific tone or a mood of the story. These are the images that often appear in magazines, publications, and newspapers to add visual elements to the story. As an editorial photographer, you will find yourself shooting in a wide variety of different settings. From fashion to food and so much more.
  • For instance, editorial photographers may highlight the interior of a restaurant, interior decor, dishes on the menu, or a story about an outdoor festival or a carnival. They might also take pictures of the attendees or the performers for editorial use. However, there is a difference between photojournalism and editorial photography.
  • Editorial photos are used to support a story and it is considered a type of journalism. It is more subjective than photojournalism because in it you can easily compose a picture in a creative way. Most newspapers and magazines have strict rules and regulations around post-processing and composed photojournalism images that often do not apply to the editorial photography process.

What is Editorial Fashion Photography?

When it comes to fashion photography, it is a bit different from typical editorial photography because these pictures stand on their own and are not necessarily a company by text. There are magazines that show fashion editorials in their multi-page spread where all the pictures convey emotion, style, and personality on their own. With editorial work, you have the freedom to create your own style.

Benefits of Editing Editorial photography

  • It’s good for brand building and reputation
  • It increases the sales
  • It builds credibility and respectability of a brand
  • It helps you in building a robust social media presence
  • You’re able to re-use the images for better effectiveness and efficiency

Qualities of an editorial photographer

  • He/she must know the targeting audience
  • Consider all the possible layouts
  • Must know how to be creative
  • Add value to photography
  • Must know branding
  • Learn how to stand out from the crowd

On the whole, editorial photographers always seek to illustrate a story with pictures. It might be purely visual, may accompany words or pictures. They keep in mind the legal perspective on how the pictures should be used and where they get published. You can’t use editorial images for advertising or commercial purposes because the photographs sold with the editorial license will contain some sort of copyrighted material or recognizable audience. So, when a photographer is into editorial photography, all these points must be considered.

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