Facetite NYC with minor side effects

If you want to look beautiful then you can surely go for a facetite NYC which is a non surgical procedure for face lifting. Moreover, this procedure uses radio frequency energy to lose excessive fat from the skin and neck. If you want to look more youthful then this procedure is meant for you as it melts the excessive fat from your skin and makes your skin immensely tight. Aside from that, in just one treatment, one can look exceptionally beautiful.

If you opt for a facetite procedure, then you must know what needs it caters to. Some of the issues resolved by facetite procedure are as under:

  •   Neck skin and sagging jowls
  •   Treat wrinkles and fine lines present in the lower face
  •   Removes the fullness that is present beneath the chin.
  •   Removes lines around the mouth
  •   Reduces elastin production

High end doctors are there to treat these skin related issues. Furthermore, there is no surgery required for this cause. Aside from that, facetite is the perfect solution for those who think they are aging and want to get rid of surgery or scars.


The performance of facetite procedure is done under local anesthesia along with sedation. First of all, the patient is numbed along with the creation of a small hole in the skin just below the ear. Aside from that, the healing process will be smooth and there will be no scar left behind. Also, insertion of a thin probe takes place beneath the skin so that the thermal energy is provided to the underlying tissue of the face. Then, the probe is covered with a plastic tip to prevent any mishap or accident.

An external electrode is then placed on the outer skin. The probe that is placed inside the skin and the electrode placed outside the skin work together to provide a full flesh treatment. The facetite device rolls around the jawline to liquify the fat in the skin and the neck.

Apart from that, this facetite device is equipped with several precautionary tools that measure the inside and outside temperature. Moreover, this makes the treatment more meaningful and effective. Aside from that, this device provides a safe treatment. The interesting part of the treatment is that the heat is equally distributed all over the affected area so that the process comes out to be even and smooth.


The results of all the procedures are different depending upon the nature of the procedures. A facetite procedure does not require a long time for recovery. Besides, the patients can go back to their work in three to five days. The common side effects of this procedure include swelling, bruising, soreness, and itchiness. Some of the side effects heal in a very less time. Furthermore, the skin texture also remains these for the first few weeks unless the skin adjusts to its original condition. Compression wrapping is used to reduce the intensity of swelling which provides comfort during the initial weeks. Aside from that, minor incisions also heals quickly without leaving behind any scars.


Facetite is a procedure done for the tightening of the face. Also, it is a non-surgical process that uses radio frequency energy to reduce excessive skin for the face and neck. Interestingly, the patients can resume their usual activities after 48 hours of the procedure. Additionally, the patients will have to go back to their homes for 3 to 5 days due to noticeable swelling. Hemces, the results of this procedure are amazing as all the bruises heal quickly. Aside from that, after the swelling is subsided, the contours will be more visible long with giving you a youthful look.

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