Five Restaurants in Silverwater that You Should Visit

Five Restaurants in Silverwater that You Should Visit

Expect a gourmet extravaganza when visiting Sydney? This is only the start! The last couple of years have been quite challenging to say the least. Nevertheless, the culinary scene has remained resilient, with new pubs and restaurants debuting regularly. Dining in Sydney was always, and continues to be, a fantastic experience, from restaurants with Waterview in Silverwater to degustation dinners with a splendid skyline view, Silverwater has it all for all the foodies out there. However, we get it! With so many options, one can be too spoilt for choices.

So, in this article, we have attempted to include a little bit of everything in our list to give to you some of the best restaurants in Silverwater. This illustrates the range of restaurants in the area, from local flavours to new spins on traditions and award-winning meals.

There’s also the allure of breathtaking vistas paired with near-impeccable service. Browse through the list and choose one restaurant that appeals to the gourmand in you.

  1. Okami, Silverwater: In the mood for some traditional Japanese food? Well, Okami Silverwater offers some of the finest Japanese food in the area. A cosy atmosphere, freshly made traditional food, and “All you can eat” options, make Okami a perfect choice for anyone looking to indulge in some fine dining with friends and family. The brand has 43 outlets across the country with the Silverwater outlet located on Beaconsfield Steet in Silverwater.
  2. Piccolo Me, Silverwater: This is a wonderful choice if you are in the mood for some burger and fries. Hidden between the industrial area, Piccolo Me has been serving some mouth water options to choose from. The brand was established in 2012 by two brothers and has quickly grown to over 30 physical locations across Melbourne. Sydney and Wollongong. Piccolo Me has been serving delicious food to its customers for a decade now and their lovely testimonials reflect the quality of food and service that this place offers.
  3. Bar and Grill Waterview: Looking for restaurants with a fantastic Waterview?  Overlooking the lovely Parramatta River and the Silverwater Bridge, Bar and Grill Waterview offers some spectacular vistas and mouth-watering dishes. Come for a romantic date or for a chill hangout, this place can surprisingly do both the vibes right! Try out the tasty chicken skewers or the Prawn Linguine with a glass of wine and enjoy the splendid view the restaurant has to offer. All the items on the menu are made from locally sourced products, and, so, guests are treated with the perfect taste and exotic flavours, sourced only from the freshest ingredients. Bar and Grill Waterview is also a great choice if you want to celebrate any special occasion with your loved ones. The restaurant is located on Silverwater Road beside the Gunlake Concrete Silverwater Plant.
  4. Tripoli Pizza: Pizza has always been the ultimate comfort food for us and so, Tripoli Pizza is here as a definite choice we would make. Try the delicious minced meat pizza or grab a deal for the entire family, Tripoli Pizza is going to spoil you for choices. Located on Beaconsfield Street, Tripoli Pizza is the ultimate choice to try out some gourmet pizzas and fusion dishes in the area.
  5. Feasty Group PTY Ltd: Feasty Group PTY Ltd is New South Wales’ leading contemporary buffet food franchise and one of the city’s fastest-growing restaurants. The restaurants are well-known among customers, serving hundreds of meals every day on average. The group has built a well-deserved status as one of the city’s greatest buffet venues and has emerged as an indisputable culinary leader. The menu is tailored to the clients’ preferences and budgets. The franchise offers a comprehensive assortment of global dishes, seafood, and delectable desserts, with over 80 gourmet dishes rotating daily to ensure a wide range of options spanning from Western to classic Asian cuisine using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Feasty Group is located on Derby Street in Silverwater.


With tons of mouth-watering delicacies to choose from, Silverwater offers an assortment of different choices for the foodie in you, and we have a view to go with it, too. Now that you have gone through our list of the best restaurants in Silverwater, start with one right away! Have fun dinin’ and partying!

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