Five Tips for Hiring an OWI Attorney

Operating while intoxicated is an offense in Michigan and practically almost every other state in the country. Therefore, if you are intoxicated, it will be advisable if you can stay away from some operations that can lead you to the wrong side of the law.

However, you might get intoxicated after work, which means that you’ll have to drive home. Chances are you will be caught by highway patrol police who have an eye for intoxicated drivers. Here are some tips you should use when hiring an OWI attorney to defend you in court.

Look for Legal Experience

The first thing you should consider when looking for an “OWI attorney near me” is legal experience. The legal industry is not about the grades on the papers or the level of qualifications. Everything boils down to the experience that a lawyer has amassed over the years.

Therefore, when you’re looking for an OWI lawyer, make sure you have analyzed the number of years they have practiced. You might be tempted to choose a lawyer who seems young in the legal industry. Avoid any bias and look for a person who has been in the legal sector for more than five years.

Don’t only dwell on the number of years they have been in the legal sector. Consider the number of cases they have handled.

Experience has nothing to do with age but the number of cases that one has handled. Handling very many cases constitutes additional legal experience.

Be specific and look for those who have handled OWI cases. They have more details on how to go about the entire case and record success.

Analyze Success Rate

You’re not hiring an OWI defense attorney for representation only. You want to win the case and avoid possible jail time and fines. Therefore, you need to check the success rate of your lawyer.

You need to make sure that you have selected a lawyer who has very high success rates. A practitioner who has at least 70% success rate demonstrates expertise in handling such cases. However, someone who is below that should not represent you.

It is tough to know the success rate of your lawyer. However, you need to ask them to show you the OWI cases they have previously handled. A good lawyer should be ready to provide you with all the details you request about their profession.

If a lawyer refuses to highlight their cases and their success levels, move on to the next one. Some legal experts tend to provide multiple excuses when it comes to verifying their success levels. Don’t entertain such lawyers because they will not help you succeed in your legal battle.

Consider the Size of the Law Firm

Before you hire your Michigan OWI attorney, check the size of the firm. Most people have a perception that working with the largest law firm in the region will deliver the right results. Others have a perception that smaller companies are the best.

However, a large legal firm might be the best because it has all the necessary resources. It might have some of the best OWI attorneys in the region. The problem is that most of the large firms may not provide individualized services to their customers.

Smaller companies are very good at offering individualized services. They have the best customer service because they do not have very many clients. Unfortunately, such legal firms may not have sufficient resources to devote to your case.

As you can see, bigger and smaller law firms have benefits and disadvantages. You need to weigh what is essential for your case. It is also worth asking what resources the law firm will be devoting to your case.

Analyze Industrial Reputation

In the legal sector, the reputation of an attorney is very important. Therefore, you need to spend time learning more about the attorney handling your case. You need to have a lawyer with the best industrial reputation.

The overall appearance of a lawyer should tell you more about their personality. They should always arrive in time for appointments. The legal sector is an official industry with a defined dress code and professional ethics.

Therefore, your lawyer should be professionally dressed. They should describe everything about your case so you know what to expect in OWI court.

Sometimes physical interactions may not provide sufficient details. That is why you will need to look for external sources of information about your lawyer. Online reviews are very effective in telling you more about your OWI attorney.

Speak with previous clients that have been served by your attorney. They will provide some essential details that you might miss when interacting.

Ask About the Legal Fees

Attorney fees vary from one lawyer to another. Therefore, you should be very careful about the legal fees before starting your case. Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of your OWI attorney cost before hiring.

Some high-end lawyers will charge you exorbitant legal fees. Others will be willing to work with some manageable fees. In this case, your budget should play a vital role in choosing your attorney.

It will be easier to avoid the most expensive lawyers in town. However, this does not mean that you should select the cheapest lawyer available. Freedom is not cheap, which means that you should be ready to part with thousands of dollars.

Your goal should be to work with a lawyer who understands your financial condition. They should be ready to manage and eliminate unnecessary expenses so that you can get justice. However, besides working with your budget, your attorney should offer quality services.

Get an OWI Attorney Today

The first thing you should do when arrested is contacting your OWI attorney. They should be present when you’re filing a statement with the police before booking the court date. Your attorney will guide you throughout the process while at the same time protecting you against possible injustices.

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