home remedies for cough

For adults and children, Proven home remedies for cough

In the changing weather, the elders and children are suffering from a viral illness. The common illness that is spreading in the changing weather is cough.

There are more treatments are available in your home kitchen for cough. For the treatment of cough some beneficial things such as fenugreek seeds, kalonji, and flax seeds.

Making the coffee with these three ingredients helps to recover from cough and also from many other diseases.

Way of making coffee with flax seeds, kalonji, and fenugreek

In the following, the method of making the coffee from these three things;

  1. For getting rid of phlegm or for the dry cough, you should take one spoon of fenugreek seeds and one tablespoon of linseed and also take the one-fourth tablespoon of kalonji.
  2. After it, you should add these ingredients to the three cups of hot water. Cook that cup for four minutes and then you should off the stove. If it is semi-hot then take a sip and then save it.
  3. You should use this coffee two times a day.
  4. The experts recommended the use of this coffee for keeping away the cough.

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