It is no secret that healthcare is one of the largest and most rewarding industries worldwide. Many people pursue a career in healthcare since they want to help people in need and improve other people’s quality of life.

Today, with the increased growth in population, the demand for healthcare professionals is also growing. In the past, only physicians and nurses dominated this sector.

However, as the healthcare industry evolves, the field offers various exciting job roles to its professionals.

Of course, every individual has a different interest. However, the good news is no matter which field you choose to pursue your career in the healthcare sector, depending on your skill, passion, and qualifications – healthcare offers excellent job opportunities and job satisfaction to all its professionals. Are you wondering which career path to choose that offers you a good salary? In that case, read on the list below of the top four paying careers in healthcare:


If you have a knack for research and possess good leadership skills, pursuing a career as a clinical research director might be just what you need.

Professionals in this field are responsible for overseeing research and clinical trials conducted within a healthcare organization.

Knowing your way around the laboratory and basic clinical skills are necessary for this job role. Furthermore, you must possess outstanding communication, teamwork, and attention-to-detail skills to excel in your career. Typical job duties include:

  • Creating a guideline for clinical research and ensuring the organization adheres to established guidelines
  • Planning and supervising budget for the clinical research team
  • Evaluating data collection and keeping an eye out on emerging field trends
  • Presenting reports to the upper-level management

Typically, a minimum bachelor’s degree is necessary to enter this field. However, pursuing an online clinical research masters degree can help you secure more advanced job positions.

According to PayScale, a clinical research director’s average salary is $116,742.


Are you looking for a prestigious career that is always in demand and helps you earn high? Well, look no further than becoming a surgeon.

As a surgeon, you will be primarily responsible for diagnosing and treating medical illnesses and injuries, such as correcting organ deformities, fixing ruptured bones or tissues, etc.

You must have good physical stamina and be emotionally resilient to perform well in your career. In addition, being a surgeon, you need to have good communication, attention-to-detail, and problem-solving skills. Your daily job responsibilities can include:

  • Collecting and evaluating the patient’s medical history and then developing a treatment plan
  • Performing surgery while adhering to healthcare regulations and ethics
  • Counseling patients and their loved ones about risks involved in a surgical procedure
  • Staying abreast of the latest news and trends in the industry

Becoming a surgeon, however, is not easy. You need to complete your undergraduate degree. After graduating from medical school, you need to complete at least 3-7 years of residency.

You also need to earn medical licensure to be eligible to practice professionally. The median salary for a General Surgeon is $289,835 per year.


The health of the mouth has a direct connection with overall well-being. That’s why dentists promote good dental hygiene and encourage patients to maintain oral health by regular check-ups.

Dentists are trained professionals who diagnose mouth, gum, and teeth issues and perform various dental procedures to treat them. On a given day, their day-to-day job responsibilities include:

  • Creating models for partials, crowns, and dentures
  • Prescribing medications for dental issues and applying helpful agents
  • Educating patients about oral hygiene practices

Since dentists are essentially doctors; therefore, first, it’s crucial to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program. Next, students should pass the dental admission test. And after acing the exam, students should earn a dental degree and earn licensure to be eligible for dentistry positions.

The fact that the mouth’s health can have severe repercussions on the general health propel the expansion of new opportunities every year.

The BLS projects the field to grow by 8% by 2030. Aspiring dentists should expect a median salary of $164,010 per year.


Whether you are a person who wishes to challenge yourself now and then or doesn’t like to stick to one thing for a long time, you might be reaching a stage where you ponder what to do next in your career.

Becoming a nurse anesthetist could be ideal for your healthcare career aspiration. An integral part of the healthcare workforce, nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia to patients before, after, and during surgery.

Not only can you experience high-stakes excitement when working as a nurse anesthetist. The profession also allows you to practice a high level of professional autonomy.

The typical job responsibilities of a nurse anesthetist are:

  • Evaluating health records of patients to learn about illness and allergies that might get affected with anesthesia
  • Tracking the vital signs and preparing the correct dose of anesthesia
  • Informing surgeon about changes in patient’s condition and also managing recovery from anesthesia

These professionals earn an average salary of $164,212 each year. However, you must possess strong communication, decision-making, and teamwork skills to become the best fit for this job role.


Pursuing a career in the healthcare field won’t disappoint you if you want to help people in need but at the same time also wish to earn a good income.

It is to note that no matter which field you choose to pursue, you will surely leave a significant positive impact on many people’s lives.

There are plenty of attractive non-physician careers you can look into to help you earn well. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure; you will earn a highly competitive salary and make a difference in other people’s life.

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