Free Android Educational Apps for Online Learning

Educational apps have become an essential part of human life. Either you have grown or are still in a growing stage. Such applications play a key role in assisting students. However, considering the importance here we write a detailed article on Android Educational Apps.

Though life was quite different in prior times when people never had access to technology. In 90’s the process of rendering life was totally different. Yet with the advancement in technology after the 20th century.

The world start realizing the importance of technology. Even in pandemic days, people start switching to online apps which may assist their children in the education field. Thus you are also willing to explore free apps then read this reviewer deeply.

What is Android Educational Apps

Android Educational Apps are considered to be the most flexible online platform for learning. That helps both younger students and elder people. Even out there plenty of different fruitful platforms is with free access. If you are someone with a great interest in learning there is always room for more apps.

But most of those online reachable applications are premium and require a subscription. Though such platforms are fruitful the price seems expensive. This means most android users may be unable to access such platforms.

Because the cost to affordability ratio is quite diverse. However, there are plenty of other relative online apps that are reachable to install. Which are free to access and require no subscription. Furthermore, we find those applications positive in terms of usage.

Before the pandemic situation, people around the globe avoid such third-party-supported apps. And parents mostly avoid their children from using such applications. After the pandemic situation where the parents including offspring stuck in one place.

Furthermore, almost all educational sectors plus institutions have gone shut down. Though people thought things will go normal easily. But the situation gone worse with time and people feels productive to switch.

Due to in time switching and taking advantage of latest technology. People start realizing the importance of educational apps. The online world is flooded with plenty of other similar applications. Those are free to access and require no registration.

Today here we gonna mention some of the best online Android Educational Apps. Which are good to install and require no subscription or registration. The only thing they require is internet connectivity.

Android Educational Apps For Smartphones

Google Classroom

Although Google is famous for offering different online services. And focusing on their goals and objective they are again back with this incredible creation of an android application called Google Classroom. Now installing the app will assist teachers in organizing classes online.

The purpose of structuring the platform is to provide an online secure platform. That assists the students including the teacher in connecting with each other easily. Now accessing the platform has become easier than people think.

Accessibility to the app files is simple and it is reachable to download from Play Store. Once the downloading is complete, now initiate installation. Then register with the platform using an email address and enjoy premium features for free.

Khan Academy

One of the biggest online educational platforms where primary, secondary, and university level students get topic-related knowledge. Though this website was firstly launched focusing on certain fields. Regardless, with time, developers start expanding the circle.

Now people around the globe use the platform personally for learning about different topics. Apart from offering topic-related information. The platform also provides live videos for a demonstration to make the process of learning easier.

Though we are unable to witness any advance subscription policy. The application is free to access online and requires no license. Those who are willing to enjoy pro features may ask to pay a small fee annually, which is affordable.


Professional experts plus teachers around the globe recommend students to study in groups. Because group studying will make the process of learning easier. Even this process will assist in building good relations among students.

Nevertheless in the current era where the students cannot visit nearby students due to strong restrictions. Remind will be considered the best online place to meet and studying along. The application is free to download from the official website.

Apart from group studying, the students can also easily interact with their teachers through channels. All they require to do is just select the school code including the teachers’ name. Remember the process is free and registration is mandatory.


In today’s era, the coding and development field is considered the top trending. Because without learning about coding, it is impossible for the world to go further. Furthermore, learning code has always been considered a difficult task.

Because people spend their whole life learning about coding. But now the process of learning has become easier than opinion. Just installing this single SoloLearn App will help understand the tricky process easily.

All the users require to do is download the application and easily watch plenty of different videos. Those are recorded focusing on multiple topics. The main learning fields supported by applications are Java, C++, PHP, HTML CSS, etc.


And there is no paucity of them online in the android ecosystem. Just explore the mentioned applications and enjoy free services.

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