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Great Tips for Decorating a Shared Bedroom

Ideally, when a child gets to the age of 10 to 12 years, they are supposed to have their room. However, that is not the case with most young families. Due to the high living costs, young families cannot afford rent or mortgage for a living space that can accommodate all of them by giving each child a separate bedroom. That is one of the reasons why you will find children sharing a bedroom.

Children suffering from anxiety disorders find it more comforting to sleep when they have company. In other cases, children in the same age bracket or twins want to make a more powerful sibling bond and are comfortable sharing a room. There is no law barring siblings, whether same gender or not, from sharing a room. All that matters is whether they are both comfortable.

The most challenging thing that hits parents is to decorate a shared room. Please keep reading to get ideas on how easy it can be.

Consider the closets

Closets play a vital role in the bedroom. It helps the bedroom stay organized. When we narrow down to a shard bedroom, a cabinet might be taking much space that would instead accommodate an additional bed. Therefore, you should consider closet doors ideas that will help you save some space. Sliding doors, folding doors, or pocket doors are great examples when you want to save on bedroom space.

Invest in dividing walls

Dividing walls come in handy, especially when your kids are of different genders and each one of them needs privacy. It is also a good idea when the children have quite different ages. Dividing walls, such as those made from MDF boards, are easier to install and affordable. This is a reasonable idea because you do not have to remodel the house and alter a structure that does not belong to you if you are still renting. You can also use furniture placements to divide the room.


Painting the walls with multiple colors will give your kids an illusion that each of them has their own space. While girls are attracted to bright colors, boys usually love darker colors. Therefore, you can choose to blend in a bright color and a dull color to bring out a contrast in the room. If you do not like each wall having a different color, you can get a design that will incorporate different colors in a single partition.

Bunk beds with storage spaces

Even if this is a shared room, you still need to create the perfect bedroom atmosphere. You can achieve this by ensuring that you don’t have too much clutter or the room is not too busy. Bunk beds help save a lot of space. You can have the older child sleep on the upper and the younger ones on the lower bed. If you don’t like bunk beds, trundle beds from Isaak are also a great idea. The only difference is that you will have an additional job to make the bed in the evening and dismantle it in the morning.

Spruce up the lighting

Usually, a bedroom will have both task lights and ambient lights. When you divide the room, one side might be darker than the other. To avoid such a scenario, ensure that every side of the room has the task and ambient lights. That means that each kid can switch on the type of light they want. You would even go to the extent of placing different colored bulbs on each side of the room. You can always be as creative as you can when it comes to shared bedroom décor.

Personalize the bedroom

You could be wondering how this is possible in a shared room, but it is very much applicable. You ensure that every child has their share of everything in the bedroom. Let each of them have their side of the closet to arrange their clothes comfortably. Have a spacious study table in the bedroom with a chair for each. Encourage each of them to make their space neat, which makes the bedroom look exciting.


Did you know that big mirrors placed on the walls give an illusion that the room is more extensive? Mirrors on each side of the divided room will make the room look bigger and spacious. Enormous windows and tall drapes will also help.

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